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2016 Hall of Fame Candidates At A Glance

The votes are in and the results will be announced on Wednesday for the new class entering the Hall of Fame.

Last season four legends, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Craig Biggio, were inducted into the hall, and now the Baseball Writers Association of America will pick from the current list of 32 candidates consisting of players facing their last opportunity to enter and new names on the list.

Looking at the list below, takes me back to many memories of watching each player shine on the diamond, and if I had to pick my own list, I would have a hard time settling with just a few. Each of the 32 candidates made a huge impact on the teams they played with. From power hitters like Ken Griffey Jr, Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa, to the fire-ballers on the mound like Roger Clemens, Billy Wagner and Lee Smith, and to the best Designated Hitter in all of baseball, Edgar Martinez.

We, as baseball fans know that only a few can enter and with the steroid era hanging over the heads on more than one candidate, this seasons list may not consist of more than just one or two players.

Below we took a look at the 32 candidates and their career stats in the game. Who are your favorites and which do you think will actually receive the nod when the winners are announced on Wednesday at 3 pm.


Image Source: ESPN.com


Brad Ausmus, C
Career Stats: 18 years, .251 BA, 1579 H, 162 Doubles, 80 HR, 607 RBI
1-Time All-Star

Jason Kendall, C
Career Stats: 15 years, .288 BA, 2195 H, 394 Doubles, 75 HR, 744 RBI
1-Time All Star

Mike Piazza, C
Career Stats: 16 years, .308 BA, 2127 H, 344 Doubles, 427 HR, 1335 RBI
12-Time All-Star, Rookie of the Year


mike mussina

Image Source: CBSSports.com


Roger Clemens, SP
Career Stats: 24 years, 354 W, 3.12 ERA, 118 CG, 46 SHO, 4672 K
11-Time All-Star, 7-Time Cy Young Winner, 5-Time 20 game winner, MVP

Mike Hampton, SP
Career Stats: 16 years, 148 W, 4.06 ERA, 21 CG, 9 SHO, 1387 K
2-Time All-Star, 1-Time 20 game winner

Mike Mussina, SP
Career Stats: 18 years, 270 W, 3.68 ERA, 57 CG, 23 SHO, 2813 K
5-Time All-Star, 1-Time 20 game winner

Curt Schilling, SP
Career Stats: 20 years, 216 W, 3.46 ERA, 83 CG, 20 SHO, 3116 K
6-Time All-Star, 3-Time 20 game winner


Image Source: CBSSports.com

Relief Pitchers

Trevor Hoffman, RP
Career Stats: 18 years, 2.87 ERA, 601 SV, 1133 K
7-Time All-Star

Lee Smith, RP
Career Stats: 18 years, 3.03 ERA, 478 SV, 1251 K
7-Time All-Star

Billy Wagner, RP
Career Stats: 16 years, 2.31 ERA, 422 SV, 1196 K
7-Time All-Star


jeff bagwell

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Jeff Bagwell, 1B
Career Stats: 15 years, .297 BA, 2314 H, 488 Doubles, 449 HR, 1529 RBI
4-Time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, MVP

Luis Castillo, SS
Career Stats: 15 years, .290 BA, 1889 H, 194 Doubles, 28 HR, 443 RBI, 370 SB
3-Time All-Star

David Eckstein, SS
Career Stats: 10 years, .280 BA, 1414 H, 232 Doubles, 35 HR, 392 RBI
2-Time All-Star

Nomar Garciaparra, SS
Career Stats: 14 years, .313 BA, 1747 H, 370 Doubles, 229 HR, 936 RBI
6-Time All-Star, Rookie of the Year

Troy Glaus, 3B
Career Stats: 13 years, .254 BA, 1375 H, 293 Doubles, 320 HR, 950 RBI
4-Time All-Star

Mark Grudzielanek, SS
Career Stats: 15 years, .289 BA, 2040 H, 391 Doubles, 90 HR, 640 RBI
1-Time All-Star

Jeff Kent, 2B
Career Stats: 17 years, .290 BA, 2461 H, 560 Doubles, 377 HR, 1518 RBI
5-Time All-Star, MVP

Mike Lowell, 3B
Career Stats: 13 years, .279 BA, 1619 H, 394 Doubles, 223 HR, 952 RBI
4-Time All-Star

Fred McGriff, 1B
Career Stats: 19 years, .284 BA, 2490 H, 441 Doubles, 493 HR, 1550 RBI
4-Time All-Star

Mark McGwire, 1B
Career Stats: 16 years, .263 BA, 1626 H, 252 Doubles, 583 HR, 1414 RBI
12-Time All-Star, Rookie of the Year

Mike Sweeney, 1B
Career Stats: 15 years, .297 BA, 1540 H, 325 Doubles, 215 HR, 909 RBI
5-Time All-Star

Alan Trammell, 3B
Career Stats: 20 years, .285 BA, 2365 H, 412 Doubles, 185 HR, 1003 RBI
6-Time All-Star

Larry Walker, 1B
Career Stats: 17 years, .313 BA, 2160 H, 471 Doubles, 383 HR, 1311 RBI
5-Time All-Star, MVP


edgar martinez

Image Source: CBSSports.com

Designated Hitter

Edgar Martinez, DH
Career Stats: 18 years, .312 BA, 2247 H, 514 Doubles, 309 HR, 1283 RBI
7-Time All-Star


the kid

Image Source: Yahoo Sports


Garret Anderson, OF
Career Stats: 17 years, .293 BA, 2529 H, 522 Doubles, 287 HR, 1365 RBI
3-Time All-Star, MVP

Barry Bonds, OF
Career Stats: 22 years, .298 BA, 2935 H, 601 Doubles, 762 HR, 1996 RBI, 2558 BB
14-Time All-Star, 7-Time MVP, All-Time HR/BB Leader

Jim Edmonds, OF
Career Stats: 17 years, .284 BA, 1949 H, 437 Doubles, 393 HR, 1199 RBI
4-Time All-Star

Ken Griffey Jr., OF
Career Stats: 22 years, .284 BA, 2781 H, 524 Doubles, 630 HR, 1836 RBI
13-Time All-Star, MVP

Tim Raines, OF
Career Stats: 23 years, .294 BA, 2605 H, 430 Doubles, 170 HR, 980 RBI, 808 SB
7-Time All-Star

Gary Sheffield, OF
Career Stats: 22 years, .292 BA, 2689 H, 467 Doubles, 509 HR, 1676 RBI
9-Time All-Star

Sammy Sosa, OF
Career Stats: 18 years, .273 BA, 2408 H, 379 Doubles, 609 HR, 1667 RBI
7-Time All-Star, MVP

Randy Winn, OF
Career Stats: 13 years, .284 BA, 1759 H, 367 Doubles, 110 HR, 662 RBI
1-Time All-Star

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