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2017 Yankees, Are They A Playoff Team?

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Hmm David Price, Boston Red Sox Lefthander might be lost for the season. The Yankees might have a better chance of making the playoffs if Price is disabled for the year. Right now the experts don’t give the Yankees too much of a chance to make the playoffs; the Red Sox, Toronto and Baltimore received better ratings. In my opinion any team in that division has a chance to make the playoffs.

All five teams which include the Tampa Bay Rays have issues and strengths. If everything falls into place anyone of them could go from last to first in a hurry. Knowing the Yankees very well I want to point out what needs to go right for the them to reach the playoffs.

Lets start with the rotation. Masahiro Tanaka appears to be in good health and is probably being counted on for 14-15 wins with an ERA under 4.00, closer to the low threes. CC Sabathia looks as if he has learned to pitch with an 89 mile per hour fastball and probably could win 10-12 games, ERA in the mid three’s. Michael Pineda cannot have the type of season he had last year where he struck out 207 batters but gave up the most two out hits to score runs in baseball history. I figure Pineda will bounce back and win 12-14 games with an era of 3.00 – low 4.00’s. As for the other two spots, Luis Severino has looked good in spring training and I believe he will win at least 10 games and become the pitcher the Yankees thought he could be. Bryan Mitchell should take the 5th spot in the rotation. He pitched very well last spring but broke his foot causing him to miss 3/4 of the season but did come back in September to pitch pretty well. I expect he will also win between 8-10 games.

As for the bullpen, Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Tyler Clippard, LHP Tommy Layne and Adam Warren and others who might not be in the rotation, gives New York a very strong staff.

The starting lineup should be 1) Brett Gardner, RF, 2) Jacoby Ellsbury, CF, 3) Gary Sanchez, C, 4) Matt Holliday, DH, 5) Greg Bird 1B, 6) Didi Gregorius, SS, 7) Starlin Castro, 2B, 8) Chase Headley, 3B and Aaron Judge/Aaron Hicks in RF. This is a pretty good lineup, starters are decent and the bullpen is strong.

So if all falls into place I give the Yankees a 50-50 chance to make the playoffs with a record of 87-65.

Elias Conde
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