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2020 Baseball Season?

Marlins #28 Prospect

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2020 Baseball Season? Dax Stubbs, Ian Lewis, and Everette Cooper were expecting to see action in their first year of minor league baseball. Unfortunately, for them. Everything is on hold, with no hope of a 2020 minor league season. For the many players out there, it was a wait and sees with little hope for a 2020 season.

This May 30th was to be the start of the Dominican Summer League. But, with MLB also on hold, and with most other minor leagues on hold. This reality became a question mark.

On the other hand, regardless of that question mark. Transaction in the DLS was going on as usual despite this; Players scheduled to play in the DSL were still not in camps in the D.R. On the other hand, with the country’s boards close, and social distancing enforced. Some players had to work out on their own.

In fact, with the inability to attend spring training. And the clock ticking, it was looking more and more likely that there would be no season. (at least not right away). However, reality set in for some players in the DSL, as many players got released during the minor league plan cuts.

Delayed Dreams, But still hoping.

When clicking on milb.com, you see the message in the photo above comes up. Unfortunate news for most fans & players. Hence, because of social distancing. The 2020 season was heading for a rocky start. Along with the minor league contraction of 42 teams, most players were on pins & needles.

Consequently, many players got released before the June 2020 draft. This draft only saw five rounds, a far cry from last year’s MLB draft.

By the way, I am watching the MLB Transactions posting. It shows the start of the non-drafted players signing with a salary cap signing of $20,000.00 and pool loaded with talented players. The race is on to find that diamond in the rough, for one that got over-looked.

Looking for the light at the end of the Tunnel:

As a final point; With the international signings push back to January 2021. And MLB & MLBPA still at the table. I am watching Twitter blogs and MLB transactions news for some kind of relief that there may be a chance to watch the many young talented players making that push to the top.

Bahamian Minor Leaguers

DLS Orioles2 James Rolle, GCL Yankees East D’Vaughn Knowles, Angels #9 Top Prospect D’Shawn Knowles, Rangers #30 Top Prospect Keithron Moss, & Marlins Ian Lewis.


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