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2021 MLB Spring Training

2021 MLB Spring Training

2021 MLB Spring Training. To begin with, these three players invited this year played together in 2010 Yes, on the team that won the Cal Ripken World Series Major 70 Division in Wilson City, North Carolina. 

Moreover, Chisholm and Young played in the Mid-West League All-Star Game, while Fox Jr played in the Florida State League All-Star game 2018. All three players had over 100 hits in the 2018 season. 

Four to 2021 Spring Training

For the first time in our history, three players invited an MLB team to Spring Training Camp along with a coach. However, for Jazz & Lucius, this will be their third year in a row, once as Non-Roster invitees. Also invited was a Non-Roster invitee Chavez Young. Coach Antoan Richardson will be heading to his second spring training as a coach. Above all, I am so happy for you, Coach Richardson.

Spring Training with the L.A Angels

San Francisco Giants first base coach and Angels #8 prospect D’Shawn Knowles

2021 MLB Spring Training 

Ah, the sights and sounds of play ball 2021. Are you excited? That shortened 2020 season had the fans glued to their televisions, taking in every game. Covid, Covid, please go away; you are not welcome, please leave. We need to get out to the games and enjoy families, friends, and road trips. 

A Change of Scenery

By the way, except for Chavez Young, all others will be with new teams. Namely, Fox Jr traded from the rays to the Royals 2020, and Chisholm Jr from the DBacks to the Marlins. As for Coach Richardson, he is used to a change of sceneries, playing the game for a few teams. 

For example, the change of scenery was good for Jazz, moving from the DBacks to the Marlins (desert to blue turquoise waters). Furthermore, 35 minutes from home in the Bahamas. For the most part, local fans had their bags packed for Miami. However, Covid had other ideas. Please go away; you have ruined everything. 

2021 it’s a New Season

Besides, I love to pray, and my prayer is for this virus and pandemic to leave our lives and nations alone and go! New year, new season, new hope, we are excited and want to see our kids succeed.  

Lord cover the nations and our players. 


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