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2021 Opening Day Jazz

The Kid is an All-Star

2021 Opening Day Jazz Chisholm Jr was in the line-up. Oh, happy day, we were looking forward to this day for years. This Kid, as all kids do, said that I want to play in the Major Leagues. Moreover, this tiny kid had a big smile, a big heart, and a big bat, so much so he played above his age bracket. 

At 16yrs old, Jazz signs with the Arizona DBacks.

2020 MLB Shorten season:

In the first place, it took Jazz 4yrs to get to the MLB, and we were all happy. Finally, after 6yrs and most of the world on lockdowns, we can watch one of our own. 

For example, the call didn’t only go out to Jazz, but to the sporting fans in the Bahamas. The News spread like wildfire, and we were all glued to our TVs. However, when he entered the game, local social media lit up with photos and video clips. (Oh, Happy Day) 

So then, the excitement was building at the end of the 2020 season that Jazz has a good chance of making the team out of spring training. 

2021 Opening Day Jazz:

Compared to most MLB spring training, this one was special for the local fans. Hence, three players were, for the first time in our history was invited, not just three but three former national team members. 

2021 MLB Spring Training

Jazz Chisholm Jr, Lucius Fox Jr & Chavez Young. Photos by Mathew Carper

Their paths led them to the 2010 Kal Ripkin world series team to MLB 2021 spring training. In brief, we were hoping that all three would have made opening-day rosters. 

The Battle for 2nd base:

An Opening day roster spot at 2nd base for the Marlins was one of MLB’s top stories. In the first game of spring, the Kid led off with an opposite-field home run; So, most Marlins fans crowned him the winner after game one. But not so fast; there were much more games to play before crowning a winner. 

So, the battle ended on the last day of games, and Jazz named the Marlins opening day starter by the G.M. After that news, family and friends started booking their tickets for Miami, a 35 minutes flight from Nassau. 

It’s time to play ball:

Sitting here watching Marlin’s third game, Jazz is showing off his speed on the base paths. However, the Marlins are looking for their first win after two losses to the Rays. Furthermore, there are photos, videos, and voice notes from Marlin’s stadium to our sports chat from friends at the games. 

Opening day weekend was a good one for Jazz Chisholm, as the Marlins finished with a 1 & 2 record vs. the Rays. 

The Dream began at Freedom Farm:

Freedom Farm league president Greg Burrows Sr., in an interview on ZNS Sports, talks about Jazz Chisholm & others before sending him to high school in Kansas. Plus, a 13yrs old Jasrado Jazz Chisholm Jr. is talking about his MLB wishes. 


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