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2022 MLB Signing Day

2022 MLB Signing Day

2022 MLB Signing Day. As a result of workouts and showcases by MLB scouts, this day is special for young players. 

Hence, international MLB signing day is a day most local coaches and fans look forward to this day. Thus, 2022 was no different for most of us; we were looking forward to this day. As a matter of fact, with one of our own at #9 in the top 50 prospects, we couldn’t wait for this day. 

Four Local Players signed:

Despite limited games locally, players still got in their workout by traveling to play. Once again, as a youth coach, you will see these kids display their talent early, and these four are no different from the others I have seen. 

2022 MLB Signing Day:

Toby Simmons:

2022 MLB Signing Day

Despite his size, I saw this young outfielder Toby excel in the game he loves. Quite shy around adults, Toby began to gain exposure and love for baseball; his game excelled so fast that you would wonder how I missed him in the draft as a coach. 

To Think of it: 

Once again, to think of it, he reminds me of Ken Griffy in the outfield; Toby is just as smooth and made plays out there look easy. Moreover, if this kid becomes a true student of the game; He will go far fast. So kid, go out there and do well, and don’t forget to take your bat with you. 

Cherif Neymour:

In this case, Cherif was born with a glove on his hand. As a baby, he got to watch his Grammy play third base as a top female softball player. So, falling in love with the game was easy for him (I guess wanting to be like Grammy). 

Meanwhile, getting to play at an early age as he pushed himself to keep up with the bigger kids. He was small in stature with a big heart and started to work on his game. So, from Grammy to coaches helping him along the way, he began to blossom into a wanted player. (Another one got away from me.) 

Likewise, I can’t wait to see you play; stay focused. 

Neymour & Simmons Signs with the Marlins.

Kashon Conliffe:

What can I say about this kid? However, these are the words of the scout that signed Kashon. Before I say something, here are his words; “The first time I saw this kid, I was hoping no other scouts saw what I saw.” So, I kept it a secret. 

For this reason, he went after Kashon, making sure that he ended up with the Padres. Not to mention his hustle on the field, Kashon plays the game upbeat with his quickness. Secondly, a focus Kashon will go far in the game. (You guessed it, I missed out on him also in our draft) 

Kashon Conliffe Signs with the Padres:

Ryan Reckley:

2022 MLB Signing Day

2022 MBL #9 Top International prospect, Ryan Reckley.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reckley was a gem, and I went after him early at the age of 11yrs to join my 13-14yrs old team, and his dad told me no! LOL. Not to mention that he was just a kid; you just had a gut feeling that he was special. So, after terrorizing me for two years, along with the Marlin’s, Ian Lewis, I finally got him at age 15, Oh Happy day. 

Finally, I got to coach a gem; this kid paid attention to every detail you told him, and he had respect for the coaches and the game. I can write a book on these kids. However, as for Ryan, who lost his mother, Patricia Reckley, last month. Hence this signing following his dreams is more especially than before because his mother was his biggest support, with Coach Raymond Reckley and the entire Freedom Farm family. 

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