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2nd Minor League Season of 2019

2nd season top prospects

2nd Minor League season of 2019 starts today. With a record Eleven baseball players from the (242) Bahamas waiting to joining the boys of summer. Besides that, three of the eleven players will be playing in their first season. And they are D’Vaughn Knowles The Yankees System, Warren Saunders The Mets System and James Rolle The Orioles System.

Todd along with D-Backs #5 & Angles #16 Top Prospects

Todd Isaacs (Rockies), Kristain Robinson (D-Backs), and Trent Deveaux (Angels). Photo by Mathew Carper

Leading the returning minor league players is Todd Isaacs Jr, who will be playing in a new system after his release from the Indians, He will suit up with the Grand Junction Rockies. The D-Backs #5 top prospect Kristian Robinson will play with Hillsboro Hops Class A Short Season. And Trent Deveaux remains with the AZL Angels to start his 2019 season.

Pirates #16 Top Prospect, Tahnaj Thomas.

Thomas, Saunders & Saint

Tahnaj Thomas (Pirates), Warren Saunders (Mets), and Orveo Saint (Brewers). Photo by Mathew Carper

Tahnaj Thomas will be moving to the Bristol Pirates to start his 2019 season. Orveo Saint will again start his 2nd season with the AZL Brewers, and looking to improve on his game. And also looking to make his minor league debut is Warren Saunders who signed with the Mets.

Twins D’Shawn & D’Vaughn Knowles

D’Shawn Knowles (Angels), Keithron Moss (Rangers), and D’Vaughn Knowles (Yankees). Photo by Mathew Carper

Moreover, D’Shawn & D’Vaughn Knowles along with Keithron Moss who grew up playing the game of baseball together from they were under the ages of seven will be a treat for family and friends. D’Shawn the Angels #10 top prospect, will be looking to pick right back up where he left off in the 2018 season. Besides hitting 300 plus for two teams last season; He is looking forward to staying healthy and continue good playing. In the main while, Keithron Moss is looking forward to 2nd season, and looking to makes the jump from the DSL Rangers to the AZL Rangers. While D’Vaughn will be playing in his first minor league season.

2nd year minor league pitcher

Chavez Fernander (Tigers). Photo by Tom Hagerty

Overall, Chavez Fernander and James Rolle will round of the eleven players who will start their play in The 2019 2nd Minor League season. James Rolle was signed by the Orioles and waiting to be placed for his first season. Chavez is with the Connecticut Tigers, Class A Short Season.

July 2nd, International Signing Day.

Not to mention, July 2nd international players signing day that may see more young players signing. And so with all my fingers crossed, We are look forward to productive seasons from our minor leaguers.

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