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A Comical View Into Possible MLB Rule Changes For The 2020 Season

Earlier on Wednesday, I felt the need to share on Facebook some humor of what life would be like in all of baseball if Social Distancing becomes our new norm. I decided to create 10 new rule changes that the MLB could instill into their rule book.

Now keep in mind, none of these rules have ever been spoken about, this was all something that came out of my own mind and made to be comical. In a day when we are told to stay home and not venture outside until the Coronavirus can be contained, sharing a few laughs is really good for our souls.

Hope you can enjoy my list and if you want to add to it, please share in the comments section below.

New MLB Baseball rules for when the 2020 season restarts in a few months.

1. The umpire will crouch behind the catcher but 6 feet back.

2. The pitcher is 60 feet away from the batter so he is just fine.

3. When a ball is in play the runner will be out as soon as the ball reaches six feet to the glove of the player making the force out. This way there is no reason for a tag. In the event that it’s a closer play, then when the runner is 6 feet away from the base and the ball has yet to arrive he is automatically safe. Defensive player will need to step 6 feet away from the base.

4. Every single time a ball is thrown by the pitcher and caught by the catcher, time out will be called and the ball will be replaced with a new one. Catcher will be safe because he will only touch the ball with his glove.

5. When a runner is attempting to steal a base the catcher will yell “BACK”!!! and if the runner is more then 6 feet from the base when the catcher receives the ball he must get back to the previous base. But if the runner is within 6 feet if the base when the catcher yells “BACK”, the runner will be awarded the base.

6. After every at bat, all bats will be scrubbed with alcohol to ensure they remain free of any germs.

7. Dugouts will be expanded so that each player sits no less then 6 feet away from each other.

8. Fan will be allowed in the games but will be asked to bring their own food and drinks and also expected to buy every two seats apart. Even if they come with their families they will need to have two seats between them.

9. There will be no post game celebrations or high fives, butt smacks or chest bumps. All players will wave to each other from 6 feet away when a celebration is needed on the field.

10. After the championship team wins, all players will return to their hotel rooms or homes and be a part of the Live Facebook Virtual Party celebration on their TV screens.

Info Credit: Nothing wrong with a little humor

David Conde
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