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A-Rod Leads Players Chasing Milestones In 2015

Each year in major league baseball there are players that chase their own milestones when it comes to individual stats.  Some may even have an opportunity to enter the major league baseball record books.

When the 2015 season starts in April, some of the top names in the game will be looking to reach some landmark achievements.

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Alex Rodriguez

Career: AB (9818), R (1919), H (2939), HR (654), RBI (1969)

Summary:  Barring any setbacks, Rodriguez will look to not only reach some individual milestones, but also put his name further up in the MLB record books. He has a chance to reach 10,000 at bats, 2000 runs, 3000 hits, 700 home runs (which will place him in the top four all-time), and 2000 RBI’s.


suzukiIchiro Suzuki

Career: H (2844), SB (487)

In Suzuki’s 13 years in the majors he has amassed amazing stats, and as he enters another season at 41 years old, he is looking to reach 3000 hits and steal 500 bases.



BeltranCarlos Beltran

Career: R (1392), HR (373)

Beltran has stated that the Yankees will be his final team and if he has an injury free season in 2015, he should have no problem reaching 1400 runs and 400 home runs.



BeltreAdrian Beltre

Career: HR (395)

Beltre has been consistent over the years and there should be no question that he will reach 400 homes runs in 2015. The bigger question is, at 36 years old when the season starts, will he be able to to continue his consistent play and maybe reach the 500 home run plateau in a few years.


OrtizDavid Ortiz

Career: HR (466)

Over the past two years, Ortiz has hit 30,35 home runs and it seems like he is getting better.  But as he enters his 18th season at 39 years old, it will be interesting to see if he still has it in him to put together another big season and surpass the 500 home run milestone.


CabreraMiguel Cabrera

Career: 2B (464), HR (390), RBI (1369)

It’s real scary that Cabrera will only be 32 years old when the 2015 season starts and only 10 home runs from 400 in his career. If all goes well for Cabrera in 2015, he should be able to reach 500 doubles, be closer to 500 home runs and 1500 RBI’s by seasons end.

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