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Adam LaRoche Chooses Family Over Baseball

Photo By: David Banks/AP

Adam LaRoche was set to make $13 million dollars during the 2016 season, but after the Chicago White Sox requested that his 14-year old son spend less time with the major league club, the 12-year vet decided he would retire from the game.

White Sox Executive Vice-President Ken Williams shared his take with MLB.com:

“It is true I asked Adam to dial it back. I felt 100 percent was a bit much. So I asked that he dial it back. I said I think even 50 percent is a bit much.”

Williams continued, “We are focused on trying to get everybody on the same page on some things with regards to preparing for this season. And I don’t want that to be misconstrued as Drake was a distraction. I’m not saying that.”

LaRoche struggled in his first season with the White Sox in 2015, as he hit .207, with 12 home runs and 44 RBI’s. In 2016, he was looking to get back to being more consistent at the plate as he was in his three previous seasons with the Washington Nationals, when he averaged 26 home runs, 85 RBI’s and hit .256.

In 12 major league seasons, he hit .260, with 255 home runs, and drove in 882 RBI’s.

Editor’s Note:

I heard over the radio talk shows on Thursday morning how LaRoche may have made a rash decision by leaving all that money on the table, but as a father I applaud what he did. Dads get a bad rap when they choose work over spending quality time with their children, so in this case, LaRoche decided that his family was more important than the money and at 36-years old, he felt it was time to walk away from the game. I wish him well in his retirement and after 12 successful seasons in the majors, he will enjoy the quality time now with his family. We only have so many years before our children grow up and take on the world, so putting them first and getting the opportunity to be with them is priceless.

Good Luck LaRoche on your next adventure and hope you and your family make amazing memories together.

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