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AL Wild Card Race Heating Up And One To Watch


What two AL teams will enter the 2016 post season as the Wild Card participants?  With only approximately 18 games left, it is anyone’s guess.

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles might be in the position now to advance to the playoff’s, but with five teams breathing down their necks, there is no guarantee that both squads will definitely make it in.

The Detroit Tigers trail by a game, the New York Yankees by two, the Seattle Mariners by 2.5, the Houston Astros by 3.5 and the Kansas City Royals by 4.

But if I had to put a guess on who would win the two spots, looking at who is hit now, it could turn out to be the Yankees and the Mariners who have won seven of their last ten, and seem to be surging at the right time, more so with the Mariners having won their sixth straight game on Monday.

The AL East isn’t even out of the question for the Blue Jays, Orioles or even the Yankees, as the Red Sox hold on to a slim two game lead.

With the Detroit Tigers, they won’t be facing any of the teams in the Wild Card race over the next two weeks, but they do trail the Cleveland Indians by 6 games, and both teams will face off for eight games before the year is up.

But with regards to the Wild Card spots, it could come down to the greatest Wild card race in MLB history.

Key remaining meaningful September games amongst possible Wild Card teams:

Blue Jays

at Mariners – September 19-21

vs. Yankees – September 23-26

vs. Orioles – September 27-29

at Red Sox – September 30, October 1-2


at Red Sox – September 13-14

vs Red Sox – September 19-22

at Blue Jays – September 27-29

at Yankees – September 30, October 1-2


at Red Sox – September 15-18

at Blue Jays – September 23-26

vs. Red Sox – September 27-29

vs. Orioles – September 30, October 1-2


v. Astros – September 16-18

at Astros – September 26-28


at Mariners – September 16-18

v. Mariners – September 26-28


David Conde
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