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American League Hitting Leaders (5/31)

(Photo: Gabe Rodriguez)

(Photo: Gabe Rodriguez)

With two months of baseball complete, it is slowly becoming clear which players are on track to lead the league with their performances at the plate. Below is a list of each team’s leading hitters in terms of highest batting average, amount of homeruns hit and runs batted in for each team in the American League as of May 31st.

American League East:

New York Yankees:

Boston Red Sox:

Tampa Bay Rays:

Toronto Blue Jays:

  • Average: Michael Saunders .291
  • Homeruns: Josh Donaldson-13
  • RBIs: Edwin Encarnacion: 40

Baltimore Orioles:

  • Average: Manny Machado .313
  • Homeruns: Mark Trumbo-15
  • RBIs: Mark Trumbo-37

American League Central:

Detroit Tigers:

  • Average: Victor Martinez .345
  • Homeruns: Miguel Cabrera-11
  • RBIs: Nick Castellanos-32

Chicago White Sox:

Kansas City Royals:

Minnesota Twins:

  • Average: Eduardo Nunez .338
  • Homeruns: Miguel Sano-11
  • RBIs: Miguel Sano-26
Cleveland Indians:
  • Average: Francisco Lindor .311
  • Homeruns: Mike Napoli-11
  • RBIs: Mike Napoli-36

American League West:

LA Angels:

  • Average: Mike Trout .312
  • Homeruns: Albert Pujols-11
  • RBIs: Mike Trout-37

Texas Rangers:

  • Average: Nomar Mazara .309
  • Homeruns: Adrian Beltre-9
  • RBIs: Adrian Beltre-34

Houston Astros:

  • Average: Jose Altuve .325
  • Homeruns: George Springer-11
  • RBIs: Colby Rasmus-31

Oakland A’s:

  • Average: Josh Reddick .322
  • Homeruns: Kris Davis-14
  • RBIs: Khris Davis-35

Seattle Mariners:











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