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Are The Yankees A-Rod’s Team?


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With Derek Jeter no longer suiting up to take the field for the New York Yankees, there must be one player that has to step up to take over the leader role.  But with a team made up of less than a handful of home grown talent, who can honestly step up and take over where Jeter left off?

There is one player that in his good days, I felt could have led his teammates to greatness, but after all the controversy and steroid issues, his character has fallen hard and may not be liked by many in the game. But even after all that, can this Yankees group, this 2015 squad, and with Jeter now retired, can this crew actually be Alex Rodriguez‘s Yankees.

He once was quoted as saying that Derek Jeter wasn’t a leader or a player that any team needed to worry about, and in his mind I am sure he felt he was or still is the best shortstop of all time.  Now that could be true but a leader is more than just stats, a leader is a man that shows his character through his ability to show others how to play the game the right way. And even after the negative comments, Jeter proved A-Rod wrong. I am sure that Rodriguez knows that now.

But with the Captain now out of the picture, is there a player on the team that can actually step up and take over that role?  It could have been Robinson Cano if he stayed. But who is it now?

Rodriguez is coming off a season that he spent home due to his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal and he had enough time to think about what it will take to get the fans and baseball back on his good side.

Alex Rodriguez

Photo: Gabe Rodriguez/LOD

Well with A-Rod back on the field, and in the biggest spotlight in all of baseball again, now is the time to finally prove that he too can lead the Yankees to greatness. He doesn’t have Jeter around to worry about, he has a cast of players that were brought in through trades and signings, so building friendships may not be that easy, but he doesn’t have to be vocal, he has to lead by example. Be somewhat Jeter-like.

Has A-Rod made mistakes?  Many ball players in this era have, but he comes with history behind him.  He can play the game and even if he doesn’t reach the great milestones waiting before him, he has the opportunity to take this Yankees squad and help them become winners.

Can they win a championship?  Lesser talented teams have, but the chemistry has to be right and in order for a team to build a winner, they all have to be on the same page. There have been many teams that had leaders that may not have been the most liked, but they knew how to get their teams to win and that is all A-Rod needs to do.

The Yankees will always have good ball players even if they buy them all, but good ball players need a leader and if A-Rod can somehow play the game for more than just himself and his accolades, then maybe he can be what the team needs.

I feel he came back to not only prove himself, but because he also knew that the spotlight would be on him alone without the Legend in the house.  So even with his huge ego, this may be the time that it he uses it to his advantage.

I don’t see much winning going on in the Bronx this season unless a leader stands up and takes the helm, and I do agree it may not happen for a while. But even though there will never truly be another Jeter, this is the time that Rodriguez can finally show the baseball world that he is capable of being more than just a distraction, now is his time to finally become a leader.

David Conde

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  1. elias conde

    April 25, 2015 at 2:19 PM

    Great article by my son David, even though A-Rod made a lot of mistakes, I still believe he can provide something to this Yankee team as he did the last time they won the World Series in 2009. I know they have a lot of if’s but most of the teams in baseball have a lot of if’s and the Yankees do have several players who have been all stars and maybe they have in them to produce one more time.
    Eli Conde

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