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Most Baseball and Cubs Fans Waiting A Lifetime To See World Series At Wrigley

Photo by: AP Photo/Matt Marton)

Photo by: AP Photo/Matt Marton)

It has been 71 years since the last time Wrigley Field hosted a World Series game, so if you think about it most of us under the age of 70 years old have never seen what it is like to watch the Fall Classic in the North Side of Chicago.

The one thing that we also share in common with Wrigley Field is that it has never been a witness to a World Title by the home team in it’s storied existence.

Wrigley Field, opened in 1916, has hosted six World Series’ (1918, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1938, 1945) prior to this season, and missed the World Title by eight years as the Cubs last won in 1908.

So tonight and the next two games can be something special and magical, especially if the Cubs can pull off the sweep, but even if they have to travel back to Cleveland, as a baseball fan, it is amazing to finally say that Wrigley Field is hosting a World Series. It doesn’t do much justice unless your in the stadium, but just as you felt the electricity through the screen when they beat the LA Dodgers to win the Pennant, the same will be felt starting tonight.

I found this quote by former MLB player Sean Casey as he was shared about the Cubs and the World Series in a story in the Players Tribune.

“I think anybody who has ever called themselves a baseball fan is pretty emotionally invested in this World Series.”

And he is correct. Because even me who is a NY Mets fan, when I watched the Pennant clinching out, I teared up and felt such a great pride for this amazing game and just so happy for the organization and also the fans who have suffered for so many years.  Hey even Mets fans have suffered, but at least I can say I witnessed a World Championship in my lifetime and two other appearances since 1986. Not many Cubs fan under 70 years old can attest to that.

But now they all get a chance to watch their beloved organization enjoy three home games and it starts on Friday night. Trust me we all will enjoy it. Play Ball!

Featured Photo : 10 Oct 1945, Chicago, Illinois  by © Bettmann/CORBIS 

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