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Baseball Down Under. Chavez Young

Baseball Down Under

Baseball Down Under. Chavez Young spent most of his 2020 baseball year in lockdowns whiles getting in some workouts here and there. Furthermore, the enforcement of Social distancing made it a little harder to get in some quality workouts. 

Traveling to Australia means that you must quarantine. As a resultChavez had to isolate for 21 days (about 3 weeks) From his teammates, 3 weeks in quarantine. “I can’t even imagine doing 21 days (about 3 weeks)” or 3 weeks in quarantine. 

However, after all that traveling to get Down Under. And the time for climatizing. That time off may not have been too bad. 

I asked Chavez how was it there? For example, he said that it is now summertime here. And so far, we had only played one game in which I went 1 for 1. In this case, they won the game 8-4. 

Getting around down under: 

In the meantime, how do the teams travel around to other games in other cities? Right nowall travels are by airplane. 

To begin with, we have not played on the road yetSo then, we had played only one home game, and our next game is January 7th. 

Chavez Young 2020 

Like a scorching record, the 2020 minor league season was canceled in the middle of MLB spring training because of the pandemic. And all players had to leave spring training for their homes. However, the news got worse and baseball was put on hold. Hence, players were in waiting and see mode. 

Rule 5 draft year
Down Under

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Above all. 2020 being his rule-5 draft year. Chavez was looking forward to his chances of making the Blue Jays 40-man roster. 

Chavez now plays baseball in the Australian Baseball League for the Canberra Cavalry. Furthermore, he is getting in some game time down there. Plus, he is looking forward to his next game down under, which is on January 7th, 2021.

A chance to watch him play: 

To watch his games, you must be mindful that he is one day ahead of us. 

To summarize, Chavez is playing baseball down under. Some 17 plus hours ahead of us in the Bahamas. We will be pulling for your success that will carry over into a good 2021 season. God Bless you! Enjoy your time, my friend. 

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