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Baseball life Indy Style

Baseball Life Indy Style

Baseball life Indy Style. Above all, drafted in the 2014 MLB draft, Anfernee Seymour & Todd Isaacs Jr are playing independent league baseball. Redrafted in 2015, Todd then headed back to college for 2014. So, both players have taken their talents to the Indy Leagues, Seymour with the Kane County Cougars, and Isaacs Jr New Jersey Jackals. 

Free Agents in times of uncertainty: 

Free Agency in Uncertain Times 2020 is where former Marlins 2014 7th round draftee Anfernee Seymour and Indians 2015 19th round draftee Todd Isaacs found themselves. 

Furthermore, the 2020 season got canceled, as the whole world went into lockdowns for a while, and a pandemic spread fast. Hence, minor league players were sent home to wait it out. There was so much bad news for free agents that year; home was the best place for them: with family & friends. 

Growing Concerns Free Agency:

Another monkey wrench in the fan was the contraction of minor league teams. Lots of teams were no more. As a result, MLB had to find space for their players whom teams were no more. 

Subsequently, there were fewer spots for free agents on minor league teams’ rosters. In addition, most teams had to release many players to make space for players on contracted teams. 

In short, if you were a free agent, your agent was scrambling to find a team for you. So, uncertainty was spreading amounts, free agents. 

No worries, 2021 Independent Baseball:   

Anfernee Seymour signs with Kane County Cougars. 

Baseball life Indy Style

American Baseball Association. Kane County Cougars Photos by S Smith Photography

MLB’s partnership with independent leagues was good news. There was an influx of players to Indy leagues tryouts, hoping to sign with a team. In addition, many leagues in partnership with MLB were re-open, giving some cities and states life back in their ballparks. 

Todd Isaacs Jr signs with New Jersey Jackals.

Baseball life Indy Style

The Frontier League, New Jersey Jackals Photo by Phil Hoops

Todd, join the team late; and his impact was felt right away in game one. He was becoming a fan favorite right away with his personality and flare. So, with the New Jersey Jackels, He fitted right into the team’s line-up. 

Moreover, Todd had a high batting average before finishing the season with a .304 BA. Stats, 207 at-bats, 63 hits, 44 runs scored, 11 home runs, & 32 RBIs. 

Baseball life Indy Style; They were born with speed.

Baseball life Indy Style

Photos by Phil Hoops & S Smith Photography

Lots of wheels on the Basepaths, Don’t Blink! 

From Coach Pitch to the Minor Leagues, they always had speed on the basepaths; it’s their trademark.

Showing off the speed in the Independent League baseball 

Likewise, there is a saying that you can’t teach speed; However, Todd and Anfer were born with it. Throughout their playing careers, they were a treat on the bases starting from Coach Pitch. Seymour stole 37 of 47 bases this season, 2nd in his league; before that, he was 149 of 255 attempts in six minor league seasons. 

On the other hand, Isaacs stole 9 out of 14 this season; before this, he was 77 out of 91 attempts in five minor league seasons. 

Next up: Don’t Blink Home Run Derby In Paradise December 18th, 2021:

Next Up, Don’t Blink. Anfernee & Todd Jr Photos by Phil Hoops & S Smith Photography.

After a one-year absence, the 2021 Home Run Derby in Paradise returns. Hence, Todd & Anfernee will be looking to launch some bombs into the Blue Waters in Paradise. So, stay tuned; more information is to come, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Paradise. 

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