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Baseballmania Is Set To Begin

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Baseball has a way to get the blood pumping and the spirit of optimism to sprout out in every baseball fan. From coast to coast and from Canada to Miami and points in between, fans are excited that Opening Day is the sign that winter is over, the days are longer, flowers bloom, and spring is in the air.

No more dressing in winter clothing and staying indoors. No more snow that most kids love to play in while their parents shovel it to the side just to get out of the house to get to work. But then, who wants to do that?

Are you tired of snow angels? Then it is time for the Los Angeles Angels.

Wear the jacket and cap of your favorite team. In April, every team starts new and has a good chance to make it to October. Fill up the stadiums on Opening Day. Proudly sing the national anthem and yell “Play Ball!”.

Who needs gourmet food? Do that when you go out with your significant other. Get a hot dog with mustard, never ketchup. With that, get a bag of peanuts and a nice cold coke. Soak up the sun but use sunscreen.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting behind home plate pretending to be the umpire calling balls and strikes, in the upper deck hearing a delay in the sound of the crack of the bat, or behind the outfield wall hoping to catch that homerun you want to give to your kid and tell him that is his early Christmas present.

Get ready for that first pitch and don’t give the umpire any slack if he makes a bad call. The human rain delay called the control center in New York will do just that reviewing the calls.

On Opening Day, the players line up along the foul lines to be introduced. Why? Do the 50,000 plus fans not know who they are? If they don’t, you don’t belong there. Crawl back under the rock where you came from.

No more dodging snow, sleek, and ice. It’s time for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Orioles, Blue Jays, and Cardinals are flocking north for the summer hoping to flap their wings and win a few games.

And please tell teams from Boston, Chicago, and Cincinnati to change their sox after every game.

The tribes in Atlanta and Cleveland will rise to war. Not with rifles and bows and arrows, but with a batter hitting a 95 mph round baseball squarely with his round bat. Only in baseball can you pull of such a stunt and get paid a lot of money for failing seven out of ten at bats and still achieve fame. In Tim Tebow’s case it is 1 out of 10 at bats.

Keep those Pirates on the Allegheny River and focus on fishing for Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays. It’s the circle of life.

Finally, since Wrestlemania starts this Sunday, the Bella Twins have a way of switching positions under the ring and the opponent gets a different twin to continue the match. You think the Minnesota Twins can pull the same stunt as the Bellas? After all, they all do wear the same uniforms.

Well, here are my predictions for the season. Some teams will not make it to the playoffs. From the remaining teams there will be division winners and wild card winners. Out of that group there will be two pennant winners and one World Champions.

Seriously, the Mets, Cardinals, and Rockies will be the National League division titles.

The Wild Card will be the Dodgers versus the Cubs and the Dodgers win

In the American League the Division winners are, Red Sox, Indians, Mariners.

The Wild Card teams will be the Yankees versus the Astros and the Astros win

The Pennant winners are the Mets and Indians with the Mets will become the 2017 World Series Champions. This will be a tough team to beat with all pitching and power in the lineup.

So Wrestlemania will have its show this Sunday, Baseballmania starts April 2nd and this show will continue to October, and that victor will wear the Orange and Blue.

There you have it. Now go hop, skip, and jump to the nearest ball field and have a blast playing baseball and watch the greatest play.

Winter is over!


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