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Can Derek Jeter Be Replaced?

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For the first time in over twenty years, there will be a major league baseball season played without the games ultimate Legend, Derek Jeter.

I have to honestly say that I am probably one of the few New York Mets fans that actually have respect for Jeter.  But I will defend my side by saying, I respect the way he played the game and what he brought to the game, which is something that you hope to see more from other stars of the game moving forward.

Looking at the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see how the Yankees will fair on the field and at the gates, without their beloved captain. For those of us that had the privilege of watching Jeter’s whole career, it has become embedded in our minds watching him in pinstripes each and every season since 1995.  So to now watch a Yankee game and not see him in the lineup will be very odd even for me, so I can only imagine what the Yankee faithful will be thinking or even feeling once the season gets going.


Now the bigger question is, who will take Jeter’s place? Is the recent addition of Didi Gregorius via a trade with the Diamondbacks, the answer.  I guess we will wait and see.

But is it safe to say that no one can replace Jeter. What about the question; can the next shortstop bring half of what Jeter brought for the past 20 seasons? Who will step up to that role and will the next Legend, come from within the organization? Well from the recent trade addition, it’s safe to say the Yankees don’t think so. But these are still some questions that a team that is used to being labeled, “A Dynasty”, will probably want the answers for either way.

It would’ve been interesting to see if the Yankees were to take the time to build up their farm system again. It’s a system that in the last twenty years, produced some of the games greatest names, but will they do it again?  Will the Yankees add to their 27 championships? So many questions will still need to be answered.

I personally don’t see anyone stepping in and taking over where Jeter left off, at least not for a while, unless the Yankees revert back to building up their minor league system to produce another gem. I don’t feel Gregorius is the answer.

As for now, the end of the Derek Jeter era may indeed be the end of the Yankees Dynasty for a while. I am sure most of their fans will hope that I am wrong and that the dominance will continue, but I guess we will all have to just wait and see what 2015 will bring to the Yankee faithful.

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(Content Photos Courtesy of Derek Jeter’s Facebook Page)

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