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Carlos Gomez Fitting In With New Club

Arizona Diamondbacks v Houston Astros

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Three days prior to the Non-Waiver Trading Deadline, Carlos Gomez was rumored to be heading back to the Mets, the first organization that signed him as an amateur free agent at the age of 16 in 2002.

But the deal did not go through, which also set off a firestorm with how the details got out to social media without the deal being announced.

But the Houston Astros took advantage of the non-deal to New York and worked out their own deal with the Milwaukee Brewers to snag Gomez.

Now Gomez finds himself on a team that is on a collision course with a division title and in just his first three games, he feels like he is part of a great team.

“I’m fine anywhere, but I love here,” Carlos Gomez told MLB.com. “Those guys make me feel sexy.”

What he may be referring to is how the team celebrates after each victory. As reported by MLB.com, after each win, the clubhouse becomes a techno nightclub, “Club Astros”, with fog and strobe lights, all courtesy of George Springer.

That sort of celebration may make a lot of players feel sexy.

But the best thing to happen right after a trade is that the player acquired becomes comfortable with his new team and joins in on the fun. With Gomez’s last three seasons he has put up big numbers and now he gets a chance to showcase it in the postseason.

Ingredients of a winning team: Confidence, Chemistry, Teamwork and maybe a some fog and strobe lights.

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