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In Case You Missed It: September 20th

(Photo:Gabe Rodriguez)

(Photo:Gabe Rodriguez)

The playoff picture in the National League is crazy.  After last night, all three teams in the hunt for the Wild Card (Mets, Cardinals, Giants) all have identical 80-71 records.  Could really make for an interesting time if they end up tied when the season ends.  Here is a link for what would happen (click Here)

David Ortiz missed hitting a home run by just a few feet Tuesday in Baltimore.  One fan was chirping at him when he was making his way back to the dugout.  Later in the game Ortiz made up for the few feet he missed by sending one into the Camden Yard stands.  He made sure that he got the fans attention after word.  Here is the video below from MLB.Com


J.A. Happ picked up his 20th win of the season for the Toronto Blue Jays.  He is one game behind the Boston Red Sox Rick Porcello for the American League lead.  He is now 20-4 with a 3.28 ERA.  A link to the video from MLB.com can be found HERE

More from the Red Sox/Orioles game.  Trey Mancini made his major league debut on Tuesday night for the Orioles.  What did he do?  He hit a home run for his first hit.  Better yet his Mother was in attendance and was given the ball.


The minor league season is officially over now.  The Triple-A National Championship was played on Tuesday night in Memphis, Tennessee.  You can read about the game HERE.  

There are so many stories on any given night all around baseball.  Above are just a few to wet your appetite.  This is what makes baseball such a special sport.  You witness history every single night.  The season is winding down and the games are of even more importance so be sure to tune in.

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