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Chavez Fernander AFL 2021

Chavez Fernander AFL 2021

Chavez Fernander AFL 2021, this is good news and a good accomplishment for him. With the absence of the Arizona Fall League last year, I was happy to see it is on for 2021. 

Hence, I went to the 2021 team’s rosters, checking for my kids; if any made the Fall rosters. So then, it was a pleasure to see Chavez’s name on the Salt River Rafters roster. In this case, Fernander is the fourth known player from the Bahamas to play in the AFL. Proceeding Jervis Champ Stuart Jr, Jazz Chisholm Jr, and Lucius Fox Jr, of whom Chisholm Jr & Fox Jr played back-to-back years. 

Getting in the Game, AFL 2021:
Chavez Fernander AFL 2021

Getting in some action, Chevez Fernander

After beginning the 2021 season in High-A, playing in eleven games with a 1 & 1 win/loss record, then, on June 15, called up to Double-A. Moreover, with no 2020 season, He had to work out mostly at home with other friends and hope for the 2021 season. 

Coupled with a .386 ERA & 18 Ks, he has moved up to double-A amounts the Tiger’s top prospects, where he continued to pitch well. As a result of his fastball between 94-97mph, it made his off-speed pitches more effective to hitters. 

Finishing strong, Fernander gained at that level of the game as the season went along. To this end, his stats at double-A, 1 & 1 win/loss in 22 games, and three saves in 3 tries. Plus, a .360 ERA in 40.0 innings and 38 Ks. 

Chavez Fernander AFL 2021:

Chavez Fernander AFL 2021

Salt River Rafters Pitcher, Chavez Fernander.

So far, He has played in two games; in-game one, he got 1 Ks in 1 inning of relief, also in game two same stats line as the team spots a 4-4 win/loss record.

So then, I am looking forward to following him as best as I can because of the three hours in time.


Chavez Fernander AFL 2021

Photo by Tom Hagerty:

As a Tigers fan, I am very excited for Chavez, hoping for his success and push to the top. Go Tigers, as the team keeps adding new young talent to their system. 

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