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Chicago Hosts The Parade Of The Century

After scouring the internet, I could not find a recorded photo of the Cubs last World Championship Parade in 1908, but there possibly could have been some sort of celebration, but none near the magnitude of what was seen on Friday in Chicago.

The Cubs won the 2016 World Series on Wednesday night in Cleveland, which gave the city only a day to prepare for the festivities that would host tons of adoring fans.  Well the exact number reported by the city was a whopping 5 million fans. Wow, that is tremendous fan support, especially since Cubs drew less than that during the season (3,232,420).

As I watched the news, fans said that they came in from different parts of the country even as far as Puerto Rico. But they all said the same thing, they wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Even though the city of Chicago has seen a number of Championship sports parades over the years, they have never witnessed a Cubs parade and probably never of this magnitude. It was 108 years in the making. Possibly the Parade of the Century.

Sights from the Parade

David Conde

David Conde

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