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Class-A Advanced Batting Leaders


(all stats through May 28th games)


1 Jeff McNeil STL .352
2 Ryan Lollis SJ .345
3 Curt Powell LAK .342
4 Billy McKinney MB .340
5 Hunter Cole SJ .339


1 Bradley Zimmer LYN 41
2 Brett Phillips LAN 40
3 Cody Bellinger RC 37
4 Ryan Cordell HD 35
5 A.J. Reed LAN 35


1 A.J. Reed LAN 12
2 Stewart Ijames VIS 11
3 Tyler O’Neill BAK 11
4 Cody Bellinger RC 9
5 Alex Burg HD 9


1 Ryan Cordell HD 40
2 A.J. Reed LAN 38
3 Kevin Cron VIS 36
4 Nellie Rodriguez LYN 36
5 Eric Aguilera IE 33


1 Keenyn Walker WS 24
2 Ian Miller BAK 21
3 Adam Engel WS 20
4 Bradley Zimmer LYN 20
5 Omar Garcia BRV 18


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David Conde
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