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Collins Believes Mets Are Contenders In 2015

I came across a video on Saturday with New York Mets manager Terry Collins speaking to the media at the clubs spring training home and he basically felt that as long as the Mets stay healthy and everyone did their part, that they can win now and be contenders in 2015.

I have to agree with Collins that the Mets can win now if they remain healthy and if each and everyone on the 25 man roster plays up to their ability, but will they?  I guess that is the question that every Mets fan is asking.

There are many questions on the Mets roster this season and being a Mets fan I hope that they do put it all together and win, but as I have felt for the tenure of Collins time with the Mets, that he is not the guy to lead them. My hang up with Collins has been that he does not give the younger ball players the opportunity to succeed and worry’s more about how the veterans feel even if they are not the right choice in the line up day in and day out.

If he Colins truly believes that he has the team to beat this season, then the key for his success will be how well he manages the starting rotation and the bullpen which looks stronger than it has in years.

But I really hope this season he proves me wrong, because it would only mean that the winning is back in Queens.

(Featured Photo Credit: Hobie Hiler/ Special to Treasure Coast Newspapers)

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