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David Wynn, II: When My Love For The Game Began

One mother, two kids, and she did one hell of a job! One uncle named Mike, who took the time out to teach me baseball growing up. My grandfather played baseball, and almost got signed to the Pittsburgh Pirates, but due to him breaking his thumb he went unsigned. I had an uncle who played as well, had the tools to get signed, but slid into second base and fractured his wrist.


My mom, my sister and I.

My mother actually played softball, which caught my interest at a very young age, I think when I was three or four years old. I remember she had practice and I was out there in left field with my little righthanders glove, when one came to me and knocked so much air out of me, I had to sit down. That wasn’t a really long sit, because I was ready to go back out there. I think that’s when I realized I had love for the game. That is something I would never forget.

My grandmother was a strong believer in faith and God. I remember when I was young and she told me, “Me and God are going to help raise you,” when you’re that young you don’t fully have the knowledge to understand what she meant. Every game she would tell me “hit one for me, or strike ’em out.” Looking back on what she said and how far I’ve come, I can see how God orchestrated and played a huge role in my life and with baseball.

Baseball kept me out of a lot of trouble growing up in Spring Valley. So many people having equal or better ability than me chose to take different routes in life. I kept pushing. With so many reasons to keep going and very little to quit, one of my closest friends Marchello Howard had a big impact after his death.

He was one of my best friends growing up, and with us both on the bases they knew we would steal and score. From doing karate together, spending the night on weekends before games, from playing in his backyard and him having his dog Sable chase me around his pool until he had tears in his eyes, from laughing so hard, to going into high school and hearing the news while waking up that Marchello “Chello” was taken away from us on October 1st, due to a drunk driver, and only 15 days before my birthday.


I was confused because you know when you are starting to wake up you can kind of hear whats going on. So I thought it was a dream until I woke up and received the news from my mom who saw it on the news. From there on I knew I couldn’t stop playing.

This game hasn’t been the easiest. I can’t tell you the countless hours with my uncle playing long toss and making web gems at a park, that soon I realized it was molding me into the player I am now. From having a tennis ball and a wall and imagining I was Derek Jeter playing the field or Randy Johnson on the mound. From playing catch in front of the house with my uncle and going through different scenarios like, 3-2 full count, bottom of the 9th and I have to strike them out. It was preparing me for times I did not see coming but always dreamed about.

A single mother raising two children with the help of her family, a praying grandmother and coaches that saw something in me and allowed me to play on traveling ball teams that we could not afford. From not having a father around but being blessed to have a strong mother, uncle as a father figure and coaches from little league up until high school. Now you can look back at where I’m at now and how God had his hands in on directing my path.

Let me tell you about why I played high school baseball only my junior and senior year. School was not high on my to do list, I barely kept a 2.0 GPA, so I couldn’t play high school ball, but I was still playing travel ball. I appreciate my mother greatly for not taking the game I love away from me because I couldn’t get my grades, but still allowed me to continue to play.

“Walk by faith not by sight ” is what I have tattooed on my right arm.

~ David Wynn, II

From A Players Eyes is a feature that shares the baseball players Journey’s in their own words of whom are still working towards their dreams of playing Major League Baseball, as well as those that never got the chance and had to leave the game they love behind. Read their stories only at Legends on Deck.

David Wynn II was born on October 16, 1989 and is a native of San Diego, Ca. He was converted into a left handed pitcher at a young age and signed free agent contract in 2011 with the New York Mets. He played in their minor league system from 2012-2014. David has spent two years in the Independent Baseball Leagues as well as playing for San Sebastián in Puerto Rico. David believes that 'Whats meant for you, is meant for you and no one can stop what God has in store for you.' "Walking by faith and not by sight."

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