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David Wynn II: Trials and Tribulations

Its crazy to look back and see how God played a role in my life.

Remember when I told you that my grandmother said “Her and God will raise me?” Well after school one day during my high school years, the baseball team was waiting on the bus, and I saw one of my friends on the team holding a bat. I began talking with him and as I swung the bat from both sides, the coach noticed and asked if I was interested in playing, but I had mentioned to him that my grades weren’t good enough to play on the team.

The following year, I finally pulled my grades up and was able to play on the varsity team. I was always the smallest guy on the team, but I threw hard for my size. Finally my senior year came about and I had the tools but for my height, I would go unnoticed by the scouts. I caught word that some scouts would be out to watch me, but nothing ever happened.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, it did. My grandmother passed away and I had a game the next day. Remembering how she would always tell me to hit one for her or strike ’em out! Nobody knew the pain that was on my heart that day besides my uncle and coach. They asked if I still wanted to pitch because I was starting at home and of course I said yes. I don’t remember exactly how I did, but I know I pitched on a different level then I’ve ever had and did very well. By time the game was over I finally broke down in tears, because during the game I had to be strong and I knew she would want me to pitch my heart out.

The season was coming to an end and the only coach I talked to was a San Diego Mesa college coach which was a junior college in San Diego. Hearing about Grossmont College and them having a better program, my mother and uncle worried if I wasn’t going to be able to play and how I should go to a school where they want you and have an opportunity to play. So I ended up going to Mesa College.

Working towards fulfilling my dreams.

Young, immature kid, who was in love with the game of baseball, had a lot of growing up to do and figured that out after my first year of college baseball. Once the first year came to an end, coach Kevin Hazlet mentioned how the program and myself were going in two different directions and it would be best if ‘I didn’t come back!’ I told him, I will come back with a better attitude.

Facing adversity AGAIN, as I came back for my 2nd season, we had a game in Bakersfield, but right before the game as we got prepared, with stretching, playing catch, and some of us playing a well known game of “pepper”, we were using another teammates bat and when he had noticed a guy was using his bat. He yelled from a distance to put his bat down and me being close by asked, why? Another guy, one of coaches favorites, says to me, “Because he doesn’t want you using his (bleep) bat”. Me being young minded and quick to react, I said, “Whatever, you guys suck anyways.” He then walks over and gets in my face asking if I had a problem with the team? Me again being young minded replied and he’s in my face and pushes me and teammates break us apart right before a game. You can only imagine how we looked.

When we return from Bakersfield, I got kicked off at 11:30 pm that night, and that was the longest walk home with all my belongings. With tears in my eyes and wondering if I’m going to play baseball again, since no one had taken any looks at me. Well there was one school , a Christian College in Oklahoma. Talk about walking by faith.

~ David Wynn II

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