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David Wynn II: Walk By Faith Not By Sight

When I say God works in mysterious was, he sure does!

So listening to my story and reading about the ups and downs, you would never expect what was to come. A California kid who doesn’t meet the requirements to pass the eye test has a baseball scholarship all the way out in Oklahoma City to a Christian college. I told my mom I didn’t want to go to Oklahoma, what is out there, but my mother unapologetically said, “You have a scholarship so you’re going!”

In 2009, my uncle Michael Lawson took the trip with me all the way to Oklahoma city to check out the college campus. My first year went okay, but its the second year that stood out the most. I was now a senior, my last official year of college and it didn’t start off the way most would like. My first start I didn’t even make it out the first inning. My second start, with nervousness from the last game, I gave up a grand slam and couldn’t get out the second inning.

After that game I vividly remember thinking about quitting because this was not me, what was I doing.  Then i thought to myself, ‘I’d rather start this way and finish strong than start good and finishing my senior year terribly.’ Then I turned things around and finally got the ball rolling.

I started to finish strong and was pitching deep into ball games. When that season was over, I still went un-drafted and un-signed. For some reason I didn’t think it was over for me by a long shot. My coaches tried and get me another year since I had gotten kicked off at my junior college squad so early, and we thought there would be a good shot, but NCAA rules states that if you pitch in 15 or more innings its considered you played the whole year.

In Purcel, Oklahoma they had this workout that they ran from the previous year and I trained and geared up for. The day came for me to participate and I was ready, excited and feeling strong.

I remember warming up in the bullpen popping the glove and everyone’s head turned. I was next to showcase my stuff. I felt confident and my off speed was dirty!!! Once it was over I was feeling like I could’ve thrown harder, but waited patiently on their decision.

After the workout a few coaches in the conference spoke to me wondering what I was going to do and mentioned that I was good and they would try and help with independent teams.  Days went by some independent coaches called, but I stated that I was going to wait and see if any MLB teams contacted me.

Three days later I received a call while I’m in my dorm room. Steve Gossett, a scout with the New York Mets called me. Feeling of disbelief, because some former teammates would prank call their friends saying they were scouts. Steve Gossett asked what’s the hardest I’ve thrown and of course I lied and said 91 mph. He said, “we had you on the gun at 92 mph.” Wow! Was all I could say and feel. He came up to my school, brought a contract and a Mets hat and told me about the team. We parted, and then he called to tell me that something happened in the front office and I wouldn’t be going to spring training.

My journey continues….

~ David Wynn II

From A Players Eyes is a feature that shares the baseball players Journey’s in their own words of whom are still working towards their dreams of playing Major League Baseball, as well as those that never got the chance and had to leave the game they love behind. Read their stories only at Legends on Deck.

David Wynn II was born on October 16, 1989 and is a native of San Diego, Ca. He was converted into a left handed pitcher at a young age and signed free agent contract in 2011 with the New York Mets. He played in their minor league system from 2012-2014. David has spent two years in the Independent Baseball Leagues as well as playing for San Sebastián in Puerto Rico. David believes that 'Whats meant for you, is meant for you and no one can stop what God has in store for you.' "Walking by faith and not by sight."

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