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Don’t Blink 2020 Sights & Sound

Don't Blink 2020

Don’t Blink 2020 Sights & Sound. Thank you, Charles Johnson Foundation, Thank you Major League Baseball, Thank you Playball, Thank you Rev & Cable Bahamas, Thank you Atlantis Paradise Island Resorts. And most of all. Thank you, Fans and Sponsors.

Don't Blink 2020

This photo shows a Beautiful morning at Montague Beach, where a sailboat spent the night.

Five weeks ago, This Montague Beach foreshore had a lot of excitement. Together with some of minor league baseball’s top prospects and a few major league players. There were jet skis, sailboats, speed boat, and red baseballs flying out into the blue waters with hundreds of baseball fans cheering each home run.

Also, MLB TV was there, and PlayBall was there, so was former Marlins World Series Catcher Charles Johnson, along with former Rookies outfielder Dante Bichette Sr.

Photos by 360 Designs Images
Don't Blink 2020 Sights & Sound

Guys, guys, I am going to win this year’s home run derby. Buddy, stop laughing, watch, I will have the last laugh.

There were lots of pockets of players hanging out before the start of the home run derby. Lewis Brinson, Buddy Reed, Ronnie Dawson, Christian Koss, Daniel Johnson, Touki Toussant, Braxton Davison, Triston McKenzie, and Kristian Robinson.

L-R, Ronnie Dawson, Braxton Davison, Buddy Reed, Daniel Johnson, & Christian Koss.

Three L.A Angels:
Don't Blink 2020

Three of the Angels Top Prospects, Jeremiah Jackson #4, D’Shawn Knowles #7 & Trent Deveaux #10

Indian top pitching prospect, Triston McKenzie thinking to himself; Get me a bat so I can get some swing against Dante Bichette Sr.

Charles Johnson honors the catchers:
Don’t Blink 2020 Sights & Sound

Don’t Blink Catchers recognized by Charles Johnson for a job well done

To the Victor goes the spoils:
Don’t Blink 2020 Sights & Sound

Davrielle Burrows Rev TV Rep, Senator Jenny Isaacs Dotson, Derby winner Lewis Brinson, and Charles Johnson. Victor and his Spoils.

Don’t Blink 2020 Sights & SoundDon’t Blink Home Run Derby host: Todd Isaacs Jr. and Lucius Fox Jr. with home derby winner Lewis Brinson.               

 Don’t Blink 2020 Sights & Sound.

Team Fox victory dance led by Nick Gordon, twins D’Shawn & D’Vaughn Knowles.              The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism showed their support once again. Deputy Director of Tourism Mr. Tommy Thompson and former Golden Girl Eldice Clarke were on hand.

Twin brothers D’Vaughn & D’Shawn Knowles, Josh Palacios & Keithron Moss, & D’Shawn Knowles


Great show guys, we can’t wait for next year.

Don't Blink 2020

The Beach sits quietly. Therefore, visitors and locals alike are enjoying its beauty and warm waters.

Finally, this Beach sits in her beauty waiting for the local Regatta Sailing boat season, and foreshores of Montique Beach will come alive again.

Besides, this Reminder of whom our help comes. This car parked in the heart of the home run derby venue. Hence, the owner of this car said to me, don’t be afraid to take a photo of his vehicle whiles chatting with another man about life.

Don't Blink Sights & Sound

Shed Long, Nick Gordon, Jazz Chisholm, and Bo Bichette was sharing jokes all day long. Can you imagine the talking Photo by 360 Designs.

So the sights and sound, and the clowning around at Don’t Blink 2020 Home, Run Derby, in Paradise have come to an end. We hope to see you all next year!

To summarize 2020, Charles Johnson Foundation. Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise. SWEET!!!

Family, Friends, Coaches, and Fun Thank you All.


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