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Don’t Blink 2021

Next Up Don't Blink 2021

Don’t Blink 2021 is here; you can feel it. This week is the last working week before the holidays for most of us. Hence, this derby is just what the doctor orders.

Welcome, Home The Kids Jazz Chisholm, Event held at Fusion Superplex:
Don't Blink 2021

L-R: Albert Cartwright, Teddy Sweeting (BBA SG), Minister Of Sports The Honorable Mario Bowleg, Jazz, BBA President Sam Rodgers, Geron Sands, & Nado Dean Tousium Sports Division Photo by Tommy Stubbs


Here We Go, 2021 Week is here. Don’t Blink.

In the meantime, with excitement building, Teams Fox’s #1 pick arrived in town today. Yes! The Kid, Jazz Chisholm Jr, came to a warm reception of friends, family, sports, and government leaders. Most of all, I am sure He will have a busy week. 

After a Steller 2021 rookie MLB season, everyone will want an audience with him; we will see how that goes. Freedom Farm 2021/2022 season starts this weekend also, and maybe He may show up to play with his former team; he is that kind of person. 

Don't Blink 2021

With Theme Pirates of the Bahamas, here is the Schedule of Events

However, the 2021 event moved to this week from January 2021, and now it is here; yea!

A week full of events & fun, day two is The Kids Camp.

Don't Blink 2021

2021 Kids Camp, The big kid in the Photo is the Blue Jays Chavez Young.

In the meantime, your Kids can use this link to sign up for the camp; however, up first is the Celebrity Softball Game Wednesday, then the Golf Tournament on Friday.

Don't Blink 2021

If you miss the green at the Ocean Club Golf Course, your ball will end up in the Ocean.

Saturday, January 18th, 2021:
Don't Blink 2021

Two thousand twenty winners, Team Fox. Who will it be on Saturday?

Finally, the wait is over. Hence, this event that attracts many of MLB’s young future stars is on. Furthermore, we have seen some of today’s MLB players here as young prospects, and today they are top MLB players. In short, this year is no different, and I may also add an even bigger field of prospects. 

By the way, with the MLB lockout in place, Don’t Blink 2021 will be an excellent time to show that the fans want it to end fast. Moreover. Our kids have already missed out on the 2020 season, and a delay to the 2021 season will not be fair to them. So please, let’s get it done. 

Are You Ready

Lastly, with the players coming in on Tuesday, who are you picking? Team Fox or Team Isaacs? Check out our Polls on Baseball Bahamas | Facebook.

See you all in Paradise, Welcome!!!

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