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Don’t Blink 2022 Showtime

Don't Blink 2022 Showtime

Don’t Blink 2022 Showtime, and It’s Showtime in Paradise. Once again, the excitement of a Home Run Derby in Paradise. On a Beautiful Clear Blue Water Beach, with Sail Boats, and Baseballs flying into the ocean, what a time it will be in the Bahamas. It is just what the doctor ordered for you baseball fans. 

Don’t Blink 2022 Showtime

Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise. 2022

The 2022 Home Run Derby will be held on December 17th; however, Don’t Blink week starts on December 13th with a week of activities.

Derby Week of Activities:

Here are the rosters:

Don't Blink 2022 Showtime

Team Isaacs Jr                                              Team Fox Jr

Rosters are set, and the battle lines are drawn; It is Showtime on the Montagu Beach Seashore. For the most part, both rosters are loaded with young MLB & Minor League players, the Home Run Derby continues to attract these players yearly. 


Back to Montagu Beach:

Don't Blink 2022 Showtime

The Montagu Beach Foreshore.

Once again, the Montagu Beach Seashore will come alive as all roads will lead to those beautiful blue waters. Moreover, to the delight of the local baseball fans who will be very close to the action. 

Besides, Montagu Beach has always been a venue for Bahamians to gather for fun events and Don’t Blink fans will enjoy this also. I can feel the excitement in the air. 

Who are the Favorites:

Don't Blink 2022 Showtime

Brinson 2020 Champion, Melendez 2021 Champion, Isaacs Jr, Fox Jr, & Chisholm Jr.

Even though there are no favorites except for some fans’ personal choices. For the most part, we all enjoy the action of the baseballs flying out into the Ocean. However, family members always have their favorite. Maybe this is the year for Nick Gordon who has been promising me that he has got this. 

Don’t Blink 2022 Showtime:

Don't Blink 2022

See you all on December 17th at noon on the Montagu Beach Foreshore.

On December 17th, at noon, It’s Showtime, and all roads lead to the Montagu Beach Foreshore. There will be many Top MLB Prospects and up and coming stars who will be here for the derby. Moreover, two former Derby Champions are returning to compete for the 2022 crown, the likes of Lewis Brinson, 2020, Champion, and M.J Melendez, the 2021 Champion. 

Look at what Baseball Got For Christmas:

Don't Blink 2022 Showtime

The New Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium.

There is an old saying; that a promise is a comfort to a fool. However, after a 2003 promise, we finally have a beautiful baseball stadium. Hence, sitting in the new Stadium during its opening, I was in awe of its beauty, plus the Stadium is not 100% complete, so I had to close my eyes and imagine the finished product. 

Will The Crown Finally Stay At Home:

Don’t Blink 2022 Showtime

Murray Jr, Seymour, Isaacs Jr, Fox Jr & Chisholm Jr. Let’s do this Guys.

Moreover, is this the year the Home Run Derby crown stays at home? After coming so close in the finals a few times, is 2022 the year? Finally, can we celebrate one of our own? Well, hopefully, this is the year. Come on out to cheer our guys on, See you all on December 17th, 12 noon at the Montagu Beach Seashore. 

Don’t Blink 2022, It’s Showtime


Jeffrey was born on April 29th, 1961, in Nassau, Bahamas to Rejoiner Ann Rolle and Jerome James Francis Etienne. Married to Andrea G. Rolle-Francis, they have two daughters; Janae Latoya Francis, a graduate of Allegany College of Maryland, and Jessica Lee Francis a graduate Potomac State College West Virginia University in Kyser West Virginia. Jeffrey was coaching the sport of baseball from 1980 at the age of 18 years old because he loved the sport as a kid. He started listening to the game over the radio out of Miami Florida in the late 60s and in the early 70s started playing the game locally in various local leagues right up to the premier senior league; a league where all of the current Bahamian minor leaguers played. In 1982, Jeffrey had an invite to a three day tryout with the New York Yankees in Hollywood Florida, which was an awesome experience that is lasting a life time memory for him. Jeffrey has been following the Bahamian baseball players in the minor leagues since 1999 with Angelo Burrows, but found greater interest with the signing of Antoan Richardson in 2005. He also writes a year end review on their play on his Facebook page, Baseball Bahamas, and he has a website with the same name. He has a great following and would love to expose the baseball players to a bigger worldwide audience. He has a good relationship with all the players because he personally coached most of them. His favorite MLB Team is the Detroit Tigers from 1969.

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