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Don’t Blink MLB Players

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Don’t Blink MLB Players are now today’s MLB Stars. As a result of an idea, two friends came up with a Home Run Derby in Paradise. Yes, home runs into the blue waters of the Bahamas. Besides, this should be exciting and new; we couldn’t wait to see it.

Who will be coming:

In short, who are some of the players that will be at the derby? Mostly, top prospects from the minors and local players. As a minor league fan, I knew most of the players coming. In the meantime, locals in the derby draw the fans who showed up and fill the beach. 

The Launching Pad:
Don't Blink MLB Players

The Launching Pad.

The Launching-Pad was up, and Blue Waters was ready to receive the home runs. Then came Derby Day, and the fan flocked to the foreshore. Bumper-to-bumper traffic was heading west to Montagu Beach to watch the future MLB stars of the future. 

Don’t Blink 2018 Future MLB Stars:

Don't Blink MLB Players

DBacks Top Prospect, Kristian Robinson

However, round one saw local hitter Kristian Robinson (DBacks Top Prospect) vs. Bo Bichette (Blue Jays Top Prospect). You had to have been there for this one—what a display of power-hitting by Bo, who needed every HR he hit. Hence, balls after balls were launch way beyond the marker in the ocean. 

For the most part, local star Robinson looked good leading-off that round, and the local had already crowned him the winner. Then came Bo. With monster shots after shots, way out into the deep blue waters, and if I am not mistaken, 8 in a row. 

2 Times Don’t Blink Champion, Bo Bichette

Above all, Bo’s father, Dante Bichette Sr. pitched as Bo launched home runs after home runs into the deep blue resulting, in the 2018 champion Bo Bichette defeating Robinson to the awe of the fans. For the most part, you had to be there to appreciate the blast-off into the blue; the photo below paints the beauty and lift-off. 

Don't Blink MLB Players

Looking in amazement at the launch off by Bo.

Furthermore, 2018, Bo Bichette, 2019 Bo Bichette. However, 2020 saw a new champion. Miami Marlins Lewis Brinson.

2020 Champion, Marlins Lewis Brinson

Moreover, Brinson showed off his power to became the 2020 champion. Hence, the 2020 Derby saw two-time champion Bo sitting out, but he was in attendance to enjoy the display of power by Lewis.

Don’t Blink MLB Players:
Don't Blink MLB Players

Jazz Chisholm Jr, Nick Gordon, Shed Long, & Bo Bichette. Photo by 360 Designs & Images

In summary, here are some of today’s MLB players that have hit some balls of the Launching Pad into the ocean. Bo (Blue Jays), Jazz (Marlins), Nick (Twins), Shed (Mariners), Brinson (Marlins), Nate Lowe (Rangers), just to name a few. 

Don’t Blink 2021 Coming December 18th:

By the way, Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise 2021 is coming this December 18th, Nassau, Bahamas. See you there.

Don't Blink MLB Players

Don’t Blink Home Run Derby host: Todd Isaacs Jr. and Lucius Fox Jr. with Lewis Brinson’s winner. Photo By 360 Designs & Images


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