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Free Agency in Uncertain Times

Free Agency in Uncertainty

Free Agency in Uncertain Times. This is where former Marlins 2014 7th round draftee Anfernee Seymour, a former Marlins prospect, finds himself. Oh yeah, drafted by the Marlins was the wishes of his family & friends. We were looking forward to invading Marlins Stadium.

Free Agency in Uncertain Times:
Free Agency in Uncertainty

Anfernee Seymour, Photo by Tom Hagerty

The Marlins signed Anfernee Seymour, a short shop, Then assigned him to the Gulf Coast Marlins. Besides this, the buzz was on. Most of his childhood teammates and coaches were proud of him. Moreover, most always knew he would start a new breed of players from the Islands to play in the minors.

Free Agency in Uncertainty

Anfernee Seymour, Photo by Bryan Green

Time to Grow in the Game:

With this in mind, Seymore started his year-by-year track to the top. In search of his career in pro baseball. As a result (of this), Seymour began to adapt every day play. Eventually, moving from Rookie ball in 2014 to Short Season Muck-Dogs in 2015.

Roadtrip to West Virginia & Pittsburgh 2015:

In all honesty, We made many trips out to Western Maryland & West Virginia. As far back as 2006. Both of my daughters went to college out there. Hence, I became a fan of W.V.U. Teams followed their games. However, a new baseball stadium was on the way to Morgantown, W V.

Now with a team in Short Season-A. They were on the schedule to play in the newly built stadium. So the road trip was on. So, with my baby girl off to South Dakota State University, we headed to watch Anfernee in West Virginia against the Black Bears.

Not to mention (this), but our first stop; The Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium. Yes, a Pre-season game vs. the Green Bay Packers. My oldest daughter’s favorite football team. She and her former college mates drove up from Maryland for the game and back. Meanwhile, our drive to W.V. was less than 40 minutes. Seymour’s game was the following night.

Anfernee Seymour, Photo by Tom Hagerty

Finally, I will watch the kids I saw put on a baseball uniform at three years old, Playing live and in person for the first time. A proud moment indeed. To watch and interact with the fans, Including W.V.U. Head baseball coach, all in this brand new stadium I saw built via a time-lapse cam.

Then Came the Trade:

Anfernee Seymour, Photo by Byran Green

On August 7, 2016, OF Anfernee Seymour was traded to the Braves & assigned to the Rome Braves. What? Wait a minute. No way! In the meantime, all of the local Braves fans were very happy.

Well, of to Rome Braves, he went. Where he played in 49 games before moving up to advance-A Florida Fire Frogs; Where he went from playing shortstop to the outfield.

The Braves parted ways with Seymour in 2017. After a costly mistake. And four days later resigned from the Marlins.

Braves 2017 original A.F.L. Team.

To say nothing else, But a lost opportunity to play in the 2017 A.F.L.

Bahamian Minor Leaguer

On his return to The Marlins, Anfernee sent the ball deep into the left-field bleachers for a home run in his first at-bat.


Anfernee is having fun with a player. A friendly tag. Photo by Byran Green

After the 2019 season, Seymour opted for free agency. With 491 hits, he is nine hits shy of 500 career hits.

Off Season with Anfernee Seymour

Marlins Anfernee Seymour

Here at home, getting in some workouts during the lockdown while social distancing, Seymour continues to work on his speed, hitting, and hoping for a 2020 season.

Happy times, sharing a light moment at first base. Photo by Byran Green




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