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Game Of The Week: Rain Forces Monday Doubleheader


UPDATE: The Game of the Week between the Boston Red Sox (42-49) and the LA Angels (50-40) on Sunday night was postponed due to rain and will force a doubleheader on Monday. The first game of the day will start at 5:00pm ET and the second game at 10:00pm ET.

Although starters and lineups are still tentative it seems that LHP Eduardo Rodriguez (3.59, 5-2) will take the start for Boston against the Angels’ Lefty Hector Santiago (2.33, 6-4).

Until the game was officially postponed, it was the first time the team had experienced a rain delay at home since 2011.

The last time the Angels experienced a postponed game due to rain was on June 16, 1995, to put that into perspective: Mike Trout was just three years old.



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