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Howie Rose – Last Of A Dying Breed

I definitely feel as if I’m some sort of old soul. I prefer to listen to my baseball games on the radio instead of on television. While listening to a game, I tend to use my imagination to envision the game being played with my brain, instead of simply tuning onto SNY on the tube. I tend to think of myself as a purist when it comes to my baseball passion, and when I have my transistor radio set to WOR 710 AM, I know that I’m going to be purely enthralled when the Mets radio team is on-the-air.

I was never privileged to hear the vocal tones of Lindsey Nelson. I was young enough to know of the legend of Bob Murphy, but I wasn’t old enough to truly enjoy him. Gary Cohen was also on the radio for a long time on WFAN, but he’s definitely more recognizable as the “Gary, Keith, and Ron” trio on SNY.

However, when I think baseball radio broadcasting for the Mets, I think of one man. I think of the professional voice and a man who makes every at-bat seem like do-or-die. I think of a man with such a vivid description of America’s Pastime that it literally plays off in my mind like how it’s exactly happening on TV.

His name is Howie Rose.

Over the past month, I’ve been laid out with a severe allergy that had me, for the most part, laid up, listening to the Mets on the radio. Thank goodness for the MLB At-Bat app, as I was able to listen to every inning of every Mets game, whether I was at work, in bed, or on the couch, hacking up a lung every chance that I had. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Rose’s stellar call of every single game and the ability to make the smallest influential detail important, I would have missed out on weeks of baseball and not have been happy.

Rose’s diction is very inflective of the aforementioned Lindsey Nelson on the way he calls pitch counts and segue-ways. The wealth of knowledge as it comes to the Mets is very indicative of Hall-of-Famer Ralph Kiner. He has humor, great chemistry with his partner Josh Lewin, and holds the pace of important moments in a ballgame like no other.

It is so tough in this generation to listen to a baseball game on the radio when you have multiple facets to watch it. Whether through MLB.TV, the MLB Network, or through your local sports network, it is so easy to get into a ballgame with the visual aspect. With the incredible conversation and information coming out on the radio, it allows your mind to expand its horizons and envision mentally how things are transpiring. Howie Rose, more so than anyone else in radio, finds a way seamlessly to bring that type of vision to the Mets fan base, either in the car or at home. The way he articulates his words and utilizes his incredible intellect on the mic is unreal. Rose really has become a “last of a dying breed” when it comes to radio broadcasting.

I implore any fan with the MLB At-Bat app or a regular radio to listen to a Mets radio broadcast. You will understand the power of a strong voice and an overall lifetime of knowledge regarding the Mets ballclub. Howie Rose personifies old time baseball with a modern slant. It will be an experience you will never forget.


Jon was born in Queens and now resides in New Jersey. He is a die-hard Mets fan and believes HoJo should be in the Mets Hall of Fame. Not only is Jon a contributing writer on Legends On Deck, but he also is the founder of @HardwayHQ, host of the #TheHardwayPodcast and somewhat plays Air Hockey on http://HardwayHQ.com. You can follow Jon on Twitter @TheJonHarder

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