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Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas Baseball Players

Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas Baseball Players

Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas Baseball Players: Every year millions of visitor visit the Bahamas. Most of them enjoy their time here so much that a few have bought winter and retirement homes there. The Bahamas invites just about every visitor to its shores.

Hurricane Season:

Hurricane season officially is June to November. Hence there are many unwanted visitors in the form of hurricanes; With some beautiful names but are very disruptive, they are not welcome.

Hurricanes are the visitors we are afraid to visit the Bahamas. Mother natures fury of wind and rain are not pleasant at all. However, on September 1st, 2019, the highest category of hurricanes came full force of the Atlantic Ocean. And unleashed natures fury on the northern Bahamas with 185 MPH winds with a gust of up to 220 mph winds.

This hurricane sat over Grand Bahama in the northern Bahamas for about forty hours; this was unheard of, it slowed down as it passes over Abaco to 4mph before it stalled over Grand Bahama. All most of us could do was Pray for our loved ones that God would bring them through this Storm.

Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas Baseball Players:

Hurricane Dorian’s influence on the weather from the Bahamas to North Carolina also saw the cancellation of many minor league games.

Tops amongst them the Florida State League postseason. Chavez Young and the Dunedin Blue Jays were heading to the postseason with the second-best record in the league. 2019 Dunedin Blue Jays: A Season Unlike any Other

Anfernee Seymour and Jazz Chisholm Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps, Warren Saunders GCL Mets, and D’Vaughn Knowles GCL Yankees, all of these players season was affected by hurricane Dorian.

Players Hurricane Relief:

As of today, three players have held hurricane relief fundraisers for hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas. Chavez Young who lives on the island of Grand Bahama that felt the brunt of the 185 mph winds for almost 40 hours, Jasrado Chisholm, and Todd Isaacs Jr.

Dunedin Blue Jays, Chavez Young: ‘I got to do something’: How this Blue Jays prospect is helping with hurricane relief in his native Bahamas. By Laura Armstrong, click here

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Jazz Chisholm & Ian Lewis Unassigned:  Click here

Grand JunctionRockies, Todd Isaacs: Also did a hurricane relief the Rockies last game of the playoffs.

Players Directly Affected by Hurricane Dorian:

Chavez Young, Tahnaj Thomas, Chavez Fernander, Shad Munroe, Davon Mackey, Warren Saunders, Orveo Saint

All of these players are from the Island of Grand Bahama. Born raised and still resides there.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is still a beautiful place to live and visit. The two Islands that were affected by hurricane Dorian will return to their former beauty. Bahamas Strong: come and visit with us to help us grow. Thank you.

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