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If You Blink, You Missed It.

If Blink You Missed It.

If you Blink, you missed it. The Charles Johnson Foundation Don’t Blink Home Run Derby 2020 in Paradise. A mixture of young minor league baseball players, mixing and mingling in the Bahamas.

Could you imagine this chatter?
If You Blink, You Missed It.

Jazz Chisholm, Nick Gordon, Shed Long, Bo Bichette, and Tanhaj Thomas in the background

Sweet Revenge for Team Fox:
If you Blink, You Missed it.

2020 Charles Johnson Foundation Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise Winners. Team Fox.

Above all, winning the team competition was sweet for team Fox, after losing out to team Isaacs last year. I said to Lucius Fox; You only won by three home runs. In short, he said I just had to win even if it was one home run.

Marlins Lewis Brinson the Over-All Champion

Miami Marlins Lewis Brinson 2020 Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise

The baseballs of the bat Brinson was explosive, ad the jet skies operators scramble to retrieve the balls out of the water. He didn’t miss a beat in the finals vs. Lucius Fox Jr, the home town favorite.

The Monster Shots of the Bats:


If you Blink, you Missed It.

The baseballs were exploding off the bats of Brinson Marlins, Benson Indians, and Palacious Blue Jays.


By the way, other booms were leaving the launching path at Monique Beach; By most of the hitters. But in this case, these three players were fun to watch as the baseball left their bats.

Finally my favorite players at the Derby
If you Blink, you Missed It.

This was like meeting old friends. Christian Koss Rockies & Touki Toussaint Braves.

Touki Toussaint is a kid I follow throughout high school and some of his minor league career. And Christian Koss I got to watch on milb.tv as I followed Todd Isaacs and the Grand Junction Rockies. The Grand Junction Rockies had quite a few power hitters on the roster. But I enjoyed watching Koss hit.

Stay tuned to Legends on Deck for more stories on the 2020 Charles Johnson Foundation Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise.

If You Blink, You Missed it.

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