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Instructional Baseball, Oh happy day.

Instructional Baseball, Oh happy day. For some players, it was never a time when they could remember not playing in a baseball season. Besides, this year of uncertainty, lockdowns; Most players waited to hope for an invite to instructional league.  

Dax Stubbs 

Namely, Dax Stubbs signed by the Orioles in July 2019, Got an invite to instruct. Hence, he was thankful for that. This was my first camp in America, and being one of the few players who got the invite shows that they saw something in me.  

By the way, it was exciting for me as I said this was my first time in camp. After, a layoff I had an exciting time playing the games.  

Finally, a success for me. I met new players and coaches, very nice guys. I am excited about the future.     

Tahnaj Thoms Pirates #15 Top ProspectInstructional

 Finally, a chance to suit up. Pirates #15 top prospect Thomas was ready for some action: with the other players in camp.  

To begin with, this is my first ever invite to instructs. So, I was excited to get the invite and to know that the Pirates have a lot of interest in me. My time there was fun. For the most part, it was fun being around teammates and meeting all the new coaches. Finally, put in some quality work on the mound.  

Above all, Instructs was successful for me personally. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that will help with my development as a pitcher. In short, the thing I work on will help better my game and awareness 

The Road to the Show, Oh happy day


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Keithron Moss

Bahamian Minor Leaguers (Part 2)

Rangers Keithron Moss

A privilege It was for me to get another invite to instruct, being my third year in a row. I felt blessed to be there. Besides, all the work we got in showed in my game stats, Hitting .400, with 3 home runs, 6 doubles, and 1 triple. I was happy with that. 

Big Game, James Rolle Instructional Baseball. Oh, happy day

 Oh, happy day. An invitation to instructs camp was nothing short of excitement. Invited to instructional camp by the Orioles wow! Especially it being my first time at the Ed Smith complex in Florida. Beyond, excited to be playing ball after being home all year due to the pandemic. However, I was happy to be with most of our minor leaguers.  

In the meantime, I had a mindset to learn about pro ball player’s life. For instance, we were not allowed to leave the hotel or have free time, that was okay with me. Besides, we spent every day on the field.

# 8 Top Prospect D’Shawn Knowles

Instructional Baseball

Angels #8 Top prospect D’Shawn Knowles.

Above all, I felt honored about this invite Knowles said because only a selected few were invited. And the fact that being at this camp made me realized how much the team values me. However, this being my fourth time at instructs camp was memorable. I enjoyed all my time working out and playing. I was one of the few players to have worked out with the team earlier in spring training before the pandemic.   

Also, with this pandemic going on, it couldn’t be any better. We played lots of games and getting those reps. To begin with, with no regular-season, camp was a lot better than sitting down at home doing nothing.

I would love to thank the Angels for the invitation that made me better after a canceled season.  

Instructional Baseball, Oh happy day. To all the players who got the invite.

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