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Photo by David Conde/Legends on Deck

We are excited to introduce a new feature on our growing site called,  From A Players Eyes.

In every athlete, there lives a dream. The dream is to be the best you can be in your respective sport. Each dream has it’s own unique story – complete with the twists and turns and unexpected hardships.  A select few make it to legend status, while others continue to follow their dreams, scratching and clawing for that one chance to prove their worth.

The story of success captures headlines, but what about the ball players on the minor league side? What about their stories?

When New York Yankees great Derek Jeter retired in 2014, he had the right idea when he decided to create a website where top athletes from all professional sports could connect directly with the fans and share their unique journey in their own words. It allowed us all to open the door and enter into their world.

Here at Legends on Deck, we take great pride in sharing the journeys of the players that are still working towards their dreams of playing Major League Baseball, while not forgetting about the players that never got the chance and had to leave the game they love behind.  We decided to invite these players to share with the fans in their own words and on a more personal level, their experiences in the minor leagues and their stories on still chasing the dream.

For a growing list of ball players click here.

David Conde
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