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Jackie Robinson Day: Honoring A Legend


On Wednesday April 15th, Major League Baseball will once again celebrate Jackie Robinson Day, with the MLB Civil Rights Game to be played by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Seattle Mariners at Dodger Stadium, with first pitch set for 10:10 pm.

The Civil Rights game is entering its ninth season and the Dodgers, the only team Robinson ever played for in his major league career, will host the game for the first time. The Dodgers last played in the event in 2012 when it was hosted by the Atlanta Braves.

In honor of the Dodger Legend, who broke the color barrier in baseball on April 15, 1947, all players, coaches and managers in the league will wear his famed number 42.

The game will also have many special people in attendance including Jackie Robinson’s wife, Rachel and Sandy Koufax, who both will participate in the pregame first-pitch ceremony.

Thank you to Jackie Robinson, who forever changed the game of baseball and is a true American Hero.

On Wednesday, we all honor his legacy.

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