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Jasrado Chisholm, aka The Kid.

Jasrado Chisholm, aka the kid

After getting toss from a game last week for arguing ball and strikes; Jasrado Chisholm, aka The Kid has decided to take matters into his own hands. As a result he hit four home runs over the last three games going five for twelve with eight ribs.

DBacks top prospect promoted to Double-A at the start of the 2019 season, had a slow start. Chisholm is now leading the Southern League in home runs with nine. besides leading the league he also leads his team in runs, walks and Ks.

The Kid on the Raise

Jazz Chisholm , Photo by Mathew Caper

The Kid was also name number 66 top MLB 100 prospects at the start of the season, and has since moved up to number 57. hitting from the left side of the plate, Jazz has the ability to hit for power against any pitching. The D-Backs top prospect has natural power and it is showing with nine of his sixteen hits being home runs.

Now hitting .176 Chisholm has brought his batting average up 26 point from .141 at the end of April, along with a 100 point higher slugging percentage also. Coupled with his defense at short stop, the kid is looking good with two errors in 25 games.

All eyes on the Kid

<img src="The_Kid_defensive_plays_at_short_stop.jpeg" alt=The Kid defensive plays at short stop"/>

A very good defensive short stop, Photo by Stephen McNett

All baseball players in and from the Bahamas has their eyes on Jasrado Chisholm, aka the Kid. More and more kids are playing the game of baseball in the Bahamas; And it is fueled by players they saw and grew up with on the baseball diamond. By the way starting most of his seasons locally has made him an icon to all.

In short, the Bahamas is looking for its next Major League baseball player, and the pipeline is filling up with young top prospects from the Islands. Stay tune to www.legendsondeck.com

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