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Jazz Jr. 20/20 so close

Jazz Jr 20/20 so close

Jazz Jr. 20/20 so close; ask any Bahamian if they thought he would have gotten 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases? They all would have told you yes! But, ironically, 2020 was the year He made his MLB debut, much to the delight of local MLB fans. 

For the most part, He was signed by the DBacks in 2015 and made a sprint for the MLB, letting nothing stand in his way as he kept his eyes on the prize. Finally, after that trade to the Marlins saw The Kid get the MLB called up on September 1st, 2020. 

Above all, 2021 was a fresh start to his MLB career. Hoping that he would win an opening day spot on the team. Hence the two-players race for that spot was tense from spring training. So, bringing his 2020 excitement into spring training; He hit a home run in his first at-bat. 

In short, the battle was tense to the end, before Jazz Jr won the starting job, much to our delight. 

2021 MBL Season:

Coupled with being the first player from the Bahamas to make an MLB team opening day roster since 73. “Edison Armbrister.” Locals were buying Marlins games tickets and making ready-to-watch Jazz play live in Miami. 

Jazz Jr. 20/20 so close

Jazz’s Marlins vs. Antoan Richardson and the Giants

In the meantime, with travel restrictions still in place, more local fans took weekend trips to watch the Marlins games. As for my Me and wife, we picked the Marlins vs. the Giants games for a good reason. 

What an awesome treat to watch Jazz’s Marlins vs. Giants 1st base coach, Antoan Richardson; players I saw playing the game as kids are now all grown up and in the MLB. 

Jazz Jr. 20/20 So Close:

Jazz Jr 20/20 so close

Marlins Jazz Jr Photo by Mathew Carper.

2021 season, local fans started making bold predictions of a 20/20 plus season. Most were looking for a 20/30 season. 

With a hot start to the season, the excitement grew when locals watched Jazz’s every Marlins game. Jazz’s speed & power was surprising to many. However, we were expecting that from Jazz. So, whether watching him live, in-person, online, or on TV, it was such joy to watch the Kid swing & run the bases. 

18/23, oh so close to that 20/20 plus season. To this end, it seems that the whole World was pulling for Jazz’s 2020 season. However, he was two home runs short, but what a year he had with over 100 hits with great speed on the bases. 

Plus, a treat to see him run the bases every time he got on base. 


Speed on the base paths. Jazz Chisholm Jr c/o Miami Marlins Twitter

And so, to that end, we say thank you, Jasrado Chisholm Jr, for the joy and fun brought to the game by you and all of the young up-and-coming MLB players. 

Thank you, Kid Jazz, 242 to the World!!! 

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