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Jenn Maron: Protecting HOME


What is a partner? Someone you can trust, who will be there to support you and stand behind your choices and decisions. If you are lucky, you will find that partner in life or in work and it will create a sense of safety.

I was blessed to find my partner when I was 19 years old with my entire life ahead of me. I had dreams that I knew would be protected and goals that I knew I would accomplish because I had my partner by my side. I was pursuing a career in which nothing was a guarantee: money, stability, home. I had a gift and I thought I had accepted the positives and negatives that came with perfecting and shaping my craft. I guess when you are 19, you think you have the answers and you know that your future is secure.

That was not the case for me, at all. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Music – I was full steam ahead to completing a Master’s program in Music at a wonderful school with doors wide open and all I had to do was step inside. But, there were mirrors lining the walls and I looked at myself; I knew that I could do without the money and the stability. The one thing I could not sacrifice was my home.


At 19 years old, I knew my home was Cam: my boyfriend of five years before we became husband and wife a little over two years ago. I would uproot my life and move to a place that I have never been before and begin a new life there…without him. Some may say I lost my “passion” or my “drive”, but that was not the case. I knew that I would not be able to pursue my dreams without my partner by my side.

Many people seem to believe that being a professional baseball player is a form of Utopia. To some, it may be, but to many it is just as much of a struggle as someone who has an office job. I put my dreams on hold to walk with my partner, heart in heart, through his career in which nothing is guaranteed: money, stability, and home. [Oh, the irony.]

I can easily sit here and write that Minor League baseball is complicated and painful. Almost every player works their bodies into the ground for…what? The answer: their home, a sense of stability, and money, and as much as we do not want to admit it, we all need money to survive.

I am a wife of a Minor League baseball player and I work full-time because I have to help support us and because I love my job. There are many wives that travel with their husbands and many wives that do what I do. I am not looking for sympathy; in fact, I feel honored to have been given the strength to hold down a household back home on Long Island. I am a strong, independent woman who is a partner to someone who is admirably determined and incredibly passionate about his craft. How lucky I am; I am telling you that I am.


When the day that baseball comes to an end, which I can only pray is years from now, I will still be a partner to someone who is just as determined, passionate, and focused. Baseball is not who my husband is, it is what he does. It is a lifestyle that we love and desire. There is a sense of pride that is inexplicable with words and can only be felt through the beating of our hearts. I believe that I am a religious person and I know that our fates are in the hands of our Lord, but we, as humans with soul, breath, and two legs, can walk ourselves through this life.When we look up, we see the stars that will lead us to our resting place, wherever or whenever that may be.

Until then, I plan on being the best partner to my husband. I will continue to be his rock, his backbone, to absorb all stress that comes with this lifestyle. I will be his support and his home. And when our six-month journey comes to an end, I will always leave him with this poem that I wrote to him during a time that he felt defeated:

There he stood in uniform:
Weapon at attention, armor on, and spirit high.
As he stiffened into aim, his memories blew past him in a gust.
“We protect home for our family, we battle for our souls.”
Like a pin gliding into a cushion, a numbing euphoria overcame his senses.
As his knees hit ground, his chin held high; a smile swept his face. He will continue his fight because he has forever to sleep.


Our View From HOME, will share the stories from the superheroes behind the professional baseball players as they chase their dreams. These amazing women hold down the fort while having the ability to be supportive, and also the strength to do it all alone. HOME is where the Heart is.

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