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Johnson, Martinez, Smoltz And Biggio Enter The Hall

The National Baseball Hall of Fame announced the new entrees today at 2 pm and the winners are:

Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio.

For the first time in the balloting history, four players were elected to join the Hall of Fame.

Johnson was a five-time Cy Young award winner and a 10 time all star who recorded 303 victories, and 4,875 strikeouts in 22 professional seasons. He led the league in strikeouts nine times, with the most coming in 2001 when he recorded 372 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Johnson received the eighth highest percentage of votes in the history the Hall of Fame voting with 97.3%.

Martinez was a three-time Cy Young award winner that recorded 219 wins and 3,154 strike outs in 18 seasons. He was an eight time all star, led the league in strike outs three times, and a big reason why the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series title in 86 years in 2004. Martinez finished with 91.1% of the votes.

Smoltz was a starter that turned into a reliever and dominated in both roles. He won 213 victories and also saved 154 saves.  He was an eight-time all star, six as a starter and two as a reliever. He led the league with 24 victories in 1996 also winning the Cy Young award and also was a league leader with 55 saves in 2002. Smoltz received 82.9% of the votes.

Biggio played with the Houston Astros for all of his 20 years in the majors and in that span he recorded 3,060 hits, with 291 home runs and 1,175 RBI’s. He was a seven-time all star, led the league in doubles three times (44, 51, 56), played in all 162 games three times (1992, 1996, 1997) and was a four-time gold glove second baseman. Biggio received 82.7% of the votes.

With 75% of the vote needed to get in, Mike Piazza and Jeff Bagwell fell short of entering the hall.

Piazza finished with 69.9%, but will go into next years ballot as the leading returning player on the ballot. Bagwell finished with 55.7% of the votes needed.

David Conde
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