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Kris Bryant Sent Down To Minors

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Well the unthinkable has happened, Kris Bryant, the Cubs Phenom, who wowed fans with his bat this spring by hitting .425 in 14 games and launching nine hone runs, was sent down to minor league camp on Monday.

Bryant’s demotion is nothing to be sad about, because he will be in a Cubs uniform in Chicago this summer,. so let the countdown begin. Plus it can be even sooner when the Cubs realize that they can’t win without him.

“You know he’s  going to be there [in the big leagues] eventually,” Joe Maddon told MLB.com about Bryant. “When you look at the entire picture of development, you’re still looking for a couple other areas to improve a little bit.

The future is bright for the Cubs Top Prospect and even if most of the baseball world feels his time was now to make the majors, Theo Epstein has a better plan and it’s called being patient and that may just work out very well for the Cubs.

“His performance mattered and we told him that today,” Epstein added about Bryant. “He made a great first impression on Joe. It demonstrated clearly to everybody that he’s really close to being not just in the big leagues but to playing an important role on the team. His camp mattered. We’re more likely to get him sooner than later with how he’s playing and how close he showed.”

Exciting times lining up for the Wrigley faithful.

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