Legends On Deck

Let The 2016 Spring Games Begin


Photo by Gabe Rodriguez/LOD

Starting today at 1:05 pm, four games will be played on day two of the 2016 MLB Spring season with a fifth game starting at 1:07 pm.

On Tap

Atlanta Braves at Baltimore Orioles, 1:05 pm

Detroit Tigers (SS) at New York Yankees, 1:05 pm

Detroit Tigers (SS) at Pittsburgh Pirates, 1:05 pm

Minnesota Twins at Boston Redsox, 1:05 pm

Washington Nationals at Tampa Bay Rays, 1:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays, 1:05 pm

Day One Recap:

Baltimore Orioles 4, Atlanta Braves 4 – F/10

Pittsburgh Pirates 4, Detroit Tigers 2

Toronto Blue Jays 5, Philadelphia Phillies 3

Cincinnati Reds 6, Cleveland Indians 5




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