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LOD Exclusive Interview: A’s Collin Theroux, Striving Each Day To Be The Best

It’s not everyday that you get to talk to the player who changed it all for you, the one who showed you the path you will take. Sitting behind home plate with a screen blocking you from the field, watching every move the catcher makes, it’s a scene you can’t forget. From catching the ball to blocking, even the times where all they can focus on is that pop up that is foul but in their range, even if they miss it. It was that game that inspired me to become a catcher, the player who changed it all for me, changed it for the better. For me, that player is Collin Theroux, and I was given the chance to discuss with him his journey to becoming the player he is now.

When asked if Collin had any other plans for his future aside from baseball, his response is, “Honestly, no. It’s always been baseball, baseball baseball, and I was lucky my parents supported me through that, they still do and we’re still chasing it down.”

Collin continues, “I, always from a young age, really enjoyed baseball. When I first started playing, I really dreamt about myself playing in the majors as long as I could. From little league on, it was like all of my focus went into getting to the next level, getting better, and working towards that ultimate goal.” That ultimate goal was what pushed him to get better. Even through the sacrifices and long hours, Collin was and still is determined to make it to the majors, no matter what.

“I think that when I was in little league, I knew that baseball was what I wanted to do forever. But, as I started getting older and in high school, then college, I started realizing that maybe I could play major league baseball and for a long time. I definitely started getting more serious about it in high school, and when I was younger I still played other sports, I tried to be a normal kid as much as I could. Then, once I started getting older and more serious about it is when I started focusing more on baseball,”  says Collin when asked when he realized baseball was his path in life.

Even with the early recognition of baseball, the time where Collin noticed that he was going to play baseball professionally, only dawned on him later. He knew all along that his dream was to play in the majors, but it wasn’t until high school when he learned that his dream could become a reality. ”It was always a goal of mine to make it to the big leagues, and so I always tried to expect it for myself and expect good things to happen, for me to get that good and progress. I knew that it was always going to be through hard work and sacrifice. I expected those things for myself, but I knew I had to work for them at the same time because you don’t get it handed to you.” He adds.


Photo by Mathew Carper

Just as every player before him, Collin had one major setback to making his dream the reality he longed for. When asked what his biggest struggle was to making it to where he is today, Collin responds, “I think the biggest thing is how you could put in as much work as you want and you could be the best player with your talent or in your state, but you’re playing a sport, that you’re going to struggle! I think that’s the biggest obstacle that every athlete overcomes and in order to be good, it’s usually a solid mental game. Working on it and accepting that there will be failure and not letting it overtake you, and discourage you, and be able to work through the hard times. It’s something that I struggle with and I know a lot of other guys that I play with still struggle with and a constant battle of trying to overcome the mental side of the game.” He adds, “It will always be there, but I think what separates the really good players, from those good or average players is that, really good players are able to keep the bad times short. They don’t dwell in it and let it overtake them, they overcome it.”

When asked how he believes baseball is different from other sports, Theroux responds, “I think first and foremost is the life lessons it teaches you about hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice. Being a good teammate and stuff like that goes a long way, and they translate into real life, your relationships and everything else. I think also, a big takeaway from baseball is all of the friendships and the relationships that I have been able to make. I cherish that aside from being able to play a long time and making a lot of good friends too.”

Along with having good teammates, Collin strives to be a good teammate himself. He hopes to be remembered as someone to talk to, and when asked if given the chance to offer one piece of advice, what it would be, he shared, “I think it would be, first and foremost, before working hard or being a good baseball player, it all boils down to being a good person. I want to be somebody that people remember because they enjoyed me as a person and not necessarily because I’m a good baseball player and their favorite player. I want to be their favorite player because they enjoy interacting with me or watching me, and they see me as a good role model. So, I think that the biggest thing to focus on throughout the whole time is just maintaining being a good person, a good teammate, good friend, and good son or good daughter.”

Collin continues, “It ties back into the teammates. I mean you only spend so many hours on the field in the game, a lot especially in professional baseball, with traveling around town, and staying in hotels with your friends. Those are the things you remember more than the wins.”

Along with his favorite part of baseball, Collin is asked how baseball has affected him as a person. He responds with, “It’s tying it into life lessons. You learn how to cope with failure, and you learn a lot about yourself when things aren’t going your way. You learn how you respond to adversity, you learn how to try. You may be in a slump at the plate and maybe you’re on defense or you’re a teammate picking your teammates up. I think that ties into life and being a good person, and I think you get rewarded for those kinds of things more than just working hard and being a good player.”

A good teammate, a hard working athlete, and a good friend. All of these characteristics describe Collin Theroux not only as a player, but as a person. Striving to be the best he can be, Collin Theroux truly is a stud, a player to remember. It’s not everyday that you get to learn from the player who helped you find your dream, and it’s an unforgettable experience as well.

Myleigh Carper
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