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Lucius Fox Jr, Jasrado Chisholm & Chavez Young: From Cal Ripken World Series to Minor League Baseball All Stars

Jasrado Chisholm Kane County Cougars. Photo by Mathew Carper.

We always hear and know of professional baseball players who played in the little league world series and we wonder, Where are they now? But not all players get to play in the little league world series, or any other baseball world series out there. Well in 2010, Wilson City in North Carolina hosted the Cal Ripken World Series Major 70 Division and a team from the Bahamas won, the team was coached by Greg Burrows Jr and Robert Cox.

A team from the Bahamas won the Cal Ripken World Series? Yes! The Bahamas. A team where four of its players became minor league baseball players, Quinton Rolle, Lucius Fox Jr, Jasrado Chisholm and Chavez Young. Jasrado was signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks, Lucius by the San Francisco Giants, and Quinton by the Cincinnati Reds as international free agents out of the Bahamas in July 2015. But Chavez was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2016 MLB Draft in the 39th round.

Lucius Fox Jr. and Todd Isaacs Jr. Photo by Mathew Carper

Their road to the minors took different paths, Lucius and Jasrado (Jazz) chose to return home to the Bahamas and enrolled in the MaxD Maximum Development Academy, Quinton out of Grand Bahama, and Chavez went to Faith Baptist Academy High School in Georgia.

Now in their third season, all three players are having good seasons, except for Quinton Rolle, but the rest have made their league’s All Stars.  Twenty year old Chisholm and 21 year old Young played in the Mid-West League All Star game, and 21 years old Lucius Fox Jr played in the Florida State League All Star game. All three players have over 100 hits for the 2018 season. Jasrado who was a part of the 2018 Mid-West League home run derby is sitting on 21 home runs for the season, 15 in the Mid-West League with the Kane County Cougars, and six with the Visalia Rawhides.

Two of the remaining three players are in the Top 30 Prospects for their organizations, Jasrado Chisholm the Diamondbacks #2 top prospect and Lucius Fox Jr is the Rays #8 Top Prospect, while and Rolle is no longer in baseball.

Chavez Young, Lansing Lugnuts. Photo by Mathew Carper.

The Bahamian trio are looking to finish the season strong before returning to the beaches of the Bahamas, and to get ready for the 2019 Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby on the Beach in Nassau, Bahamas, we hope to see you guys here, which is hosted by Todd Isaacs Jr. and Lucius Fox Jr.


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