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Lucius Fox Jr

Up next is Lucius Fox Jr

Lucius Fox Jr finished the 2021 season very strong, and he was very impressive. However, adding an extra ten-game to the Triple-A season proves to be just what the doctor ordered for Lucius. 

After spending 2021 in spring training with the K. C Royals, Fox went to the Omaha Storm Chasers (Triple-A team of the Royals) to begin the 2021 season. 

Meantime, May 12th was Lucius’s first game of the season, going 0 for 2. Moreover, for the rest of May, he was in and out of the lineup. 

The Injury Bug:

Incidentally, after his 1st stolen base with an injury, Lucius came off the field. However, a few days later, he was placed on the injured list, where he spent 28 days. 

Afterward, He spent the next week in rehab in the Arizona Facility League, where He got to play with two teams there. 

Omaha added Firepower:

In the meantime, the Storm Chasers add Bobby Witt, Royal’s top prospect, to the roster, along with other top prospects. Also, a shortstop as Fox Jr meant Lucius would split his time at short. With Fox Jr & Witt Jr at the top of the lineup, they were ready for a solid finish to the end of the season. 

Lucius Jr Got the Call:

On July 31st, Lucius got the call up to the MLB, where He joined the team in Toronto. So, finally, were the words of most baseball fans in the Bahamas, we were all happy. Soon the news spread amongst the locals, and everyone was glued to their tv’s hope to see Lue hit the field. 

However, he did not play, so we hoped for the next game to see him play in the MLB. By the way, it was not to be, as He went back down to triple-A. By the way, we were hoping for a September call-up. 

Triple-A sprint to the finish:

With all minor leagues finishing off their season, triple-A added ten more games, a sprint to the finish. However, with one game canceled, they only got in 9 of the ten remaining games, which saw Lucius playing in seven of them. 

Storm Chasers finished a 7-2 win/loss record. In this case, Durham Bulls finished 9-1 win/loss, Buffalo Bisons 8-1 win/loss record, and Worcester Red Sox 8-2 win/loss record. Also, Omaha hit 231 home runs as a team this season. 

Lucius Strong 2022 finish:

Lucius Fox Jr

Royals Lucius Fox Jr, Photo by Mathew Carper

In conclusion, He finished the season with at least a hit in all 9 of his last games, even the rained-out game. 

In brief, Lucius went 17 for 39, for a .436 batting average and an overall season average with a .242 B.A, and the area code # for the Bahamas.  (242 to the World) 

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