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Lucius Jr Jazz Jr

Jazz Jr Lucius Jr

Lucius Jr Jazz Jr meeting at the MLB level; this was a day that we knew would happen. There is always a kid or two that catches your eyes as youth coaches. Although many came and went, the names Jazz and Lucius were heading for local history at the MLB level. 

April 21st,1961, Cubs at Phillies:

Jazz Jr Lucius Jr

Andre Rodgers & Anthony Curry, April 21st, 1961 Cubs vs. Phillies

As soon as word got out, Lucius was about to be named to Washington’s opening day roster. Local fans were hoping to see a Jazz Chisholm Jr vs. Lucius Fox Jr match-up (Marlins vs. National). However, when that day came, it sparked a local MLB fan’s debate that led to some historical research on whether they would be the first two local players to play against each other at the MLB level. 

That debate was short-lived; on April 21st, 1961, The Cubs vs. The Phillies saw the first known local Bahamian MLB players playing in that game. Both Rodgers and Curry went 0 for 3, and the Giants won 3-2. 

April 27th,2022, Marlins at National:

Lucius Jr Jazz Jr

Lucius & Jazz’s first meeting at the MLB level. Photo from @Nationals Twitter page

Sixty-one years later, another pair of local MLB players went head-to-head, Chisholm vs. Fox, and all of MLB was watching, including the locals. However, we were all pulling for Lucius’s first MLB hit that was not to be that night. 

In search of hit #1

Lucius started at shortstop; however, Jazz got that day off. Still looking for hit #1, they were off to play the Giants in San Francisco for their second series of games with them. Moreover, playing against the Giants is special for Lue because this was the team that first signed him; and their first base coach (Antoan Richardson) also coached Lucius locally a few times. 

Indeed, Lucius’s first hit isn’t unique to him; hence, your first MLB hit against the team that signed you is special. With Lue playing against the Giants, we were hoping this would be the game, and it was.  

Hence, on May 1st, Lucius Fox Jr gets his first big league hit; yes!!! He finishes day 2 for 4 with a stolen base. Click for highlights. Lucius Fox gets first big league hit (mlb.com) 

Back to triple-A:

In a roster move by The Nats, Fox was sent down to triple-A on May 3rd; I am guessing so that he can get into more games. For the most part, Lucius got into games once or twice a week; maybe they felt it was best for him down there. 

A picture paints a thousand words:
Lucius Jr Jazz Jr

Jazz and Lucius exchange their team’s uniforms. @Nationals Twitter page

So, until they meet again, we will continue to follow along and enjoy the games.

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