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Melissa Mayeux Could Be First Female In MLB

(Gabe Rodriguez)

(Gabe Rodriguez)

Major League Baseball recently had their annual First Year Player Draft in the beginning of June and now as they season hits the midway mark, it’s time for teams to consider players who fall under the International Free Agency.

On July 2nd, teams will be able to peruse and sign the players on the International Registration. While this is nothing new, this year there is one player on this registration list that could possibly make history.

Sixteen year old shortstop Melissa Mayeux, is the first female to be on the list, and if she is signed by a Major League team, would become the first female to sign a MLB contract.

Mayeux is currently playing on the French under-18 Junior National Team and although she may have some developing to do both offensively and defensively, is one of the best in the world which is what landed her on the list in the first place. She can swing that bat well and makes defensive shortstop moves that some Major Leaguer players struggle with.

She was already chosen to be a part of the Major League Baseball European Elite Camp which will take place this upcoming August. Mayeux is also a member of the French softball team and also has plans to take part in a pitching and batting camp this summer.

It has been previously stated that Mayeux will most likely choose to stay in France and continue where she is at in order to pursue a Collegiate career and will most likely work for a roster spot on the French World Baseball Classic Team in 2017.

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